Duke of York

of these articles treats the title of nobility Duke OF York (duke of York) for further meanings sees Duke OF York.

Duke of York (engl Duke OF York) is a hereditary title of nobility, which lent usually to the second son of the governing British monarchbecomes, if a descendant of a deceased of duke does not lead it. At present Prince Andrew, the second son of queen Elizabeth II. carries., this title (since 1986).

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first award

of the titles became for the first time in the nobility of England (peerage OF England) of Eduard III. 1385 to his son Edmund lent, who became the founder of the house York with the coat of arms of the white rose, during ofthat age brother of the same, Johann, the house Lancaster with the coat of arms of the red rose was justified. (To the fight of both houses for the English crown (1451 to 1485) see the article rose war).

The title went 1402 with death Edmund on its son Eduardover. This died 1415 childless; nevertheless the title with its death turned into not immediately on its nephew smelling pool of broadcasting corporations, duke from York , because its father, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations von Conisburgh, count of Cambridge, the younger brother of Edward, 1415 because of Landesverrats against king Heinrich IV.condemnedand executed was. Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations succeeded it however 1425 to get the title back. After his death his son Eduard 1460 inherited the title; it than Eduard IV. became one year later. King of England, the duke title united with the crown.

second tofifth award

the second award applied for the second son of king Eduard IV., Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations, one of the two princes in the Tower (the other one was his brother Eduard). Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations deceased without inheriting, and the title expired with its death.

The next award took place 1494at Heinrich VIII., second son of Heinrich VII.. This became with the death of its brother Arthur Tudor, Prince OF Wales heir to the throne and mounted 1509 as Heinrich VIII. English throne. Again titles and crown collapsed.

The fourth award took place 1604at Karl Stuart, the second son of king Jakob I.. As a Karl's older brother, Heinrich Friedrich 1612, became Karl died to the heir to the throne and 1625 than Karl I. to the king of England. Again titles and crown collapsed.

The fifth time the title became1644 at Jakob Stuart, second survivors son of Karl I. lent. After his older brother Karl II. without inheriting, followed Jakob Stuart deceased to him as Jakob II. on the throne after and again titles and crown combined.

duke of York andAlbany

with the next award 1716 was called the title duke of York and Albany and took place in the nobility from Great Britain (peerage OF Great Britain). It applied Ernst August, bishop von Osnabrück, the younger brother of the English king George I. and son of Ernst August, Kurfürst of Hanover. Ernst August deceased without inheriting, why the title expired.

The second award of the title duke of York and Albany took place 1760 to the second son from Friedrich Ludwig from Hanover, prince from Wales, Eduard August, the youngerBrother by king George III. Eduard deceased 1767 unmarried and without inheriting, who expired to titles.

The third and last award of the title duke of York and Albany applied for 1784 Friedrich August, second son of king George III.. Also Friedrich deceased without inheriting, whythe title expired.

sixth to respected award

following again the title duke was lent by York. The sixth award concerned the second son of king Edward VII., George, that the title after the death of its older brother and successor to the throne Albert Victor duke of Clarence 1892 received. After George as George V. King had become, united title and crown.

The sieved conferment of a title applied for his second son Albert, the younger brother of the later king Eduard VIII.. After Eduard had laid down the crown, becameAlbert as George VI. King and combined once more title and crown.

The so far last mark the title became 1986 at Prince Andrew, the second son of queen Elizabeth II.lent. Until today prince Andrew has only two daughters. If it up to itsDeath a son does not have, the title will expire.

Apart from the first award the title had only in each case one owner, who mounted either the throne or without inheriting deceased.

list of the dukes of York

duke of York, first award(1384)

duke ofYork, second award (1474)

duke of York, third award (1494)

duke of York,fourth award (1604)

duke of York, fifth award (1644)

Duke of York and Albanay, first award (1716)

duke of York and Albanay, second award (1760)

duke of York and Albanay, third award (1784)

duke of York, sixth award (1892)

duke award (1920), sieved by York

duke of York, respected award (1986)


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