duchy is the masterreferred and/or. territorial office and rule range of a duke.

master duchies

in the early Middle Ages developed in the Germanic residential area partly hereditary master duchies. Probably they decrease/go back to the attempts of influential noble to ascend in the respective master area to viceroys and thus thoseTo integrate master federations of the people migration time under the own guidance into the kingdom. This succeeded however not completely, since the aristocracy of the territories only partly followed the dukes. The power of the master dukes was however so large that it the kings had to recognize. This was done via thoseConfirmation as lent office. Those was on the one hand doubly secured thereby, by the noble Gefolgschaft of “down” and by lent the office of “above”, could however on the other hand in the territories never perfectly intersperse itself, in particular the counts opposite. In the 11. Century the master duchies were led more or less dependent on the royal central power and served the competitive princes as power base in the fight for the Königtum.

Master duchies in the east Franconia realm

however the master duchy in Franconias expired already early.In Saxonia and Niederlothringen the office played a role if particularly influential noble ones dressed it.

office duchies

under the Karolingern were waived the master duchies in the Franconia realm for historically short time and through of the king and/or. Emperor dependent office duchies replaces. Emperor Otto thatLarge one undertook in 10. To convert century the attempt the German master duchies into dependent managements of its realm and to renew the office duchies of the Karolingerzeit again. It had thereby in the long run no success.

territorial duchies

in 12. Century began Friedrich Barbarossa with the establishment more again, partlyspatially torn territorial duchies. It fell back also to influence and territories of old master duchies and accelerated the erosion process of the master referringness. This process led in 13. Century among emperors Friedrich II. to the complete Territorialisierung of the holy Roman realm. To the place of the master duchies were more or less important territorial duchies and Titularherzogtümer stepped.

Territorial and titular of duchies of the holy Roman realm


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