Hester Stanhope

Lady Hester Stanhope
lady Hester Stanhope

lady Hester Stanhope (* 12. March 1776 in Kent; † 23. June 1839) was an adventuress. Sagenumwoben and eccentrically prevailed it over a local “realm” in the gland mountains Lebanon.

Hester Lucy Stanhope was born in the year of independence America as a daughter of the liberal of politician and inventor Charles Stanhope.

Their ingenious father divided its interests between natural sciences and politics. As convinced Whig opposed it the war of England the American colonies and welcomed myself the French revolution. As an inventor it created the precise Stanhope lens and the first completely Druckerpresse manufactured from iron, which made only books for everyone affordable.

Their grandfather was the Earl OF Chatham, her uncle the British prime minister William Pitt the younger one, with which she was late lady housekeeper. Of the father, then one says, had her her sharp intellect and her taste for Exzentrik, in the Downing Street became acquainted with her to power and plots.

When it lost its lifted out position after early death Pitts 1806, it all the no more might not have missen, and pulled than one of the adventuresses of the early modern times into the east. In Lebanon, where she prevailed and lived a mountain monastery up to her death, thus for nearly three decades, abandoned from 1810 on in, it became of Europe „queen of the desert “and „the Mystery lady OF the Orient “.

She was the first western woman, who entered Palmyra and of the Beduinenstämmen as new Zenobia be celebrated let themselves. On its fastened seat with Joun close Sidon, whose remainder is called this very day „Deir it seat “(well of the lady), intrigued it against Emir Bashir II., the high gate in Konstantinopel, the governor von Tripoli, Mustafa Babar Agha, and the most diverse gland parliamentary groups.

Gradually she built the old monastery of Joun over, fastened it again, planted an exotic garden and the rarest trees. The water for it had to be up-dragged one hour of way the mountain. In the midst of of pseudoeastern splendor and twenty-four cats, from which she assigned ever two a Tierkreiszeichen, it received occasionally European globetrotters, under it Alphonse de Lamartine and Fürst Pückler. A napoleonischer officer became their favorite. In their stable noble horses, a white Fohlen were located to in-ride on that it in Jerusalem meant. Robber chieftains entered nächtens and by the escape gate their messuage with secret messages, whole mountain trunks searched behind its walls protection. It plundered once a village, dozens of inhabitants are to have died. The English society press pursued and printed its Eskapaden. But it became not only increasingly more taken off, but also ill and weakly. Besides it had itself hopelessly insolvent. Gradually it sold its inventory and had their officials to dismiss. It died lonely. The English consul, which came on the message from Beirut, the place abandoned and lady Hester with nothing found as her decoration on the body. He let it bury in the proximity under Sykomoren.

In one century of the revolutions and renewals, the clearing-up and the technical circulations they and its brother (the Kaspar Hausers played a rather mysteriösen part in Germany as a godfather ) represented more the okkult mystische side.


  • its body physician Charles Meryon wrote 1845 their „memoirs “(note IR OF the lady Hester Stanhope, London, H.Colburn 1845), this very day worth reading.
  • Prince Pückler describes an attendance in his writings with the Deir it seat.
  • In André Maurois' Byron Biografie emerges it.
  • Colin Thubron writes from it in a Lebanon travel guide.

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