Hewlett-Packard [ˈhjuːlɪtˈpækəd] (HP) one of the largest US-American technology companies with seat is in Palo Alto (California). HP was the first technology enterprise in the silicone Valley and is considered as an outrider for the industrial landscape coined/shaped of the computer technologythe region. The product range reaches from simple electronic modules over pocket calculators up to software and services.


„HP“-Garage in Palo Alto
„HP “- garage in Palo Alto

HP became at the 1. January 1939 of William (Bill) Hewlett and David luggage pool of broadcasting corporations as manufacturers more scientificallyInstruments in a garage in Palo Alto based. This garage is considered today as place of birth silicone of the Valley.

Since that time is HP admits for a large number of different products, and. A. Printer (label name: DeskJet, laser jet, PhotoSmart), measuring instruments (z. B. Oscilloscopes), Computer (portable dialogue units up to servers) and digital cameras. In particular HP made itself a name by its pocket calculator rows. In the year 1972 HP brought the first scientific pocket calculator to HP-35 with the model on the market.

To 5. January 1980 communicated Hewlett-Packard the construction its first „personal computer “(PC).

1989 bought to HP the company Apollo of computer.

1999 arranged HP Agilent Technologies Incorporated (Agilent), the original, from Bill Hewlett and Dave luggage pool of broadcasting corporations in the year1939 created instrument production division, out. HP had already before separated since the 1980ern some other divisions and successful enterprises had made.

2002 fused the company with Compaq. In the spring 2004 HP buys the German company „to TRIATON GmbH “from the Thyssen KruppCompany. The TRIATON operates computing centres in Krefeld, Frankfurt and Dortmund. To „the TRIATON “belonging „SPACE LINE “operates world-wide satellite connections. 2004 became likewise the company INDIGO some of HP. INDIGO produces mainly printing machines, in the special digital pressure.

To 9. February 2005 became Carl clay/tone S. (Carly) Fiorina as chairmen of the board and business guide of HP of the supervisory board recall. She came in July 1999 to HP; before it it had been active nearly 20 years with AT&T and Lucent Technologies. Robert P. Wayman took over the business übergangsweise,up to Marks Hurd, before times Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NCR, new boss of Hewlett-Packard (HP) became.


in the seventies HP within the technical range offered the computer series of HP 1000 (16 bits) with that to multi-user operating systems RTE (material Time Execution) and the single user operating system DOS (not to confound with ms DOS) on. Within the commercial range there were the computers HP 3000 with the operating system mdu. Approx. 1985 followed the computer series of HP 9000 with HP-UX as operating system.

Today Hewlett-Packard is particularly well-known as manufacturers of printers. The pressure technology was improved by HP considerably and is one of the most important divisions.

It knows far fewer people that HP carried out much also within the range of the software technology. In addition developments belongedlike the acct by width run gene, Workflow solutions and an own Java Virtual Machine for HP-UX. Also in the outsourcing - and service business acquired itself HP a good name.

With the division HP OpenView places the company software in particular also for UNIX - and Linux- Operating systems ago, with which the enterprise particularly within the ranges system-monitoring device and - management a prominent role takes.

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