Witch chair

the witch chair was the most frequently used torture equipment during modern witch pursuit.

Sense was it to make or rather examine the accused of women confessing whether they remain with their statement.

The chair was a hochlehniger wooden arm armchair, whose seat, backrest, Fussbrett and arm rest were provided with blunt metal points. The accused one of, which was in the suspicion to be a witch and be with the devil in the federation, was completely undressed and instructed to set itself into the chair.

Thereupon neck, to arm, legs in such a way and Lenden were fixed that the accused one of could not agitate itself any longer. Additionally frequently one, with metal points providing, was likewise put roller of the potenziellen witch on the knees, whereby the accused one of was pressed still more deeply into the painful chair. This procedure could drag on up to 36 hours.

Many chairs had device under the seat also still another, with which it was possible to kindle a small fire. By means of a Ofenrohres, which was shifted in the hollow backrest, one could heat so the iron points up and increase the agony enormously.

If a woman survived this torture, it was proven that she is a witch and the accused became condemned to death. The logic behind this conclusion was that only the devil could have given the Mrs. Kraft, in order to survive the witch sample. If the woman confessed her misdemeanours before completion of the witch sample, she was condemned also to death. Therefore it gave to escape no possibility from the heap of failure.

Many women died, before they were allowed to leave the chair.

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