Hideki Tōjō

note: In principle in the German Wikipedia with Japanese family names the surname before the name of the person one sets. This is the usual sequence in the Japanese. Tōjō is thus the surname, Hideki is the name here.

Tōjō Hideki (jap. 東條英機 Tōjō Hideki; * 30. December 1884 in Tokyo; † 23. December 1948) was a Japanese general and the 27. Prime minister of Japan forwards and during the Second World War.

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Hideki Tōjō

Tōjō was member of that military junta, which drove Japan end of the 1930er years into the war. As a war Minister it led 1940 with the signing of the three-power pact in Berlin Japan into the alliance of the Axis powers with Germany and Italy.

Tōjō as prime ministers

after the attempt of its predecessor as a prime minister, Konoe Fumimaro, failed, a meeting with US president Franklin D. Roosevelt to reach, in order to obtain an agreement because of the tensions with regard to foreign policy with the USA, withdrew its predecessor Konoe. Thereupon it became to 17. October 1941 appointed by emperor Hirohito the prime minister and the supreme command took over over the Japanese armed forces. Hirohito kept nominal power in Japan, but the dominance of the military guaranteed that Tōjō was actually the dictator of Japan.

After last switching attempts with the USA in November 1941 Tōjōs cabinet Japan with the attack on Pearl Harbor led to 7. December 1941 in the 2. World war.

After a set of military defeats in the Pacific war it had to 18. July 1944 withdraw. It left the government and withdrew themselves into the separatingness.

Tōjōs arrest and condemnation

after the war he undertook an attempted suicide, by shooting itself into the chest. It survived, shortly thereafter was arrested and recovered in a hospital from its injury.

He was then accused by the international military tribunal for the far east of war crimes. It guiltily spoken because of guidance of aggression wars against China, the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands and France, in addition because of inhuman treatment of prisoners of war. To 12. November 1948 he was condemned to death and to 23. December, the birthday hung of prince Akihito - the present emperor -.

Tōjō in American shank

ways of the crimes, which were committed under its guidance, is considered to Tōjō as guilty at the murder of at least four million Chinese. In addition it had permitted that biological experiments at prisoners of war (see unit 731) were accomplished.

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