Hieronymous George Zeuthen

Hieronymous George Zeuthen (* 15. February 1839 in Grimstrup, Jutland, Denmark; † 6. January 1920 in Copenhagen) was a Danish professor of mathematics.

Zeuthen began its training in Grimstrup. 1849 drew the family after Soro, since the father at the there church was used. Here Zeuthen got its higher education. Afterwards it went to the University of Copenhagen, where it studied mathematics.

it graduated to 1862 with a Magisterabschluss. Thereupon it went for a graduating study to Paris, where it studied geometry with Michel Chasles.

1871 it was appointed as the unusual professor of the University of Copenhagen. In the same year he became also an editor of the technical periodical Matematisk Tidsskrift, which it also the next 18 years remained. 1886 he was appointed the tidy professor. At the same time it was besides still 39 years secretary at the royal one Danish Academy of Sciences and held regular lectures at poly-technical Institut.

After 1875 the contributions from Zeuthen became more differenter to mathematics. It began to write over the mechanics and made also important contributions to algebraic geometry. He was also an expert of the history of medieval mathematics and wrote important studies over Greek mathematics. In its time at the University of Copenhagen he was twice a director.


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