Hilmar Kopper

Hilmar Kopper (* 13. March 1935 in Oslanin, circle Putzig, west Prussia) is a German banker.

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Kopper began its career 1954 with the German bankAG and remained this Institut its whole working life over faithfully. 1960 he became director/conductor of the branch Leverkusen, 1977 member of the executive committee. After the murder Alfred's of gentleman living 1989 was ordered Kopper to the speaker of the executive committee. Its successor in the office became 1997 Rolf e. Breuer.

In the winter 2003 Kopper participated in the play “Cologne foreign exchange”, which was specified in the former strassenbahndepot in Frankfurt bucking home. The piece is the theatrical conversion of the procedures around the collapse of the Cologne private bank Herstatt in the seventies.

Kopper is in second marriage since 2003 with Dr. Brigitte sea-brook he Brandt, who marries widow of Willy Brandt.

Kopper is member in the Steering Comitee the picture mountain - conferences.

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  • the bank does not live on the money alone. Contributions to culture and society 1994 - 1997, given change of Brigitte sea-brook he Brandt, Munich, Piper publishing house, 1997, 144 S., ISBN 3-492-22584-5

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