Der Himalaya
of the Himalaya
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of the Himalaya (Hindi हिमालय, himālaya, of Sanskrit hima = snow and alaya = place, domicile) is mountains of Asia, which rises north the Indian Subkontinents.

The Himalaya is one of the youngest mountains that Earth, at the same time in addition, the largest. It developed in the Tertiary period, when the Indian Subkontinent met the land mass of Asia and raised in the course of millions of years this enormous mountains. This very day it grows, although the erosion forces work against that strongly.The Anden and the Rocky Mountains are just as old as the Himalaya.

Here are the highest mountains of the world, Achttausender in such a way specified. Summits such as Mount Everest (Tschomolungma), Nanga Parbat or Makalu are world well-known. Four of the highest 14 mountainsare appropriate for the earth in the Karakorum, which follows west at the Himalaya.

The Himalaya can be divided into different mountain chains, which rise from the south northward. In the south the collections begin that with the Siwalikkette, a comparatively moderately high thing,it is still completely wooded that north the front Himalaya - on its south slope likewise still one sumptuously and species-richly (for example with Wacholder) bewachsene chain - and the high Himalaya follow. North the broad valleys of the Tsangpo (further down inits process is called it Brahmaputra) and its tributaries lies the Transhimalaya.

The Himalaya and/or. the high and mountain country up-piled up behind it is the source area of the largest rivers of south, east and Southeast Asia: the yellow river, that in the area of Peking the Chinese sea reaches, the Jangtse (delta with Shanghai), the Irrawaddy, which flows lengthwise by Burma, the Mekong, which finds its way into the area of Hồ Chí Minh city in the south of Viet Nam over Laos and Kambodscha, the Indus, that Pakistan von Norden to the south secondaryhurries, and mentioned, in the same valley as the Indus after the other one, the already, eastern direction flowing Brahmaputra.Over thousands of kilometers source rivers float and/or. Upper runs of these rivers in the Himalaya almost parallel next to each other there, beforeit their journey to so different country begin. - Rises the course against it in the Garhwal mountains, which are southwest pre-aged to the Himalaya.

But the highest mountains of our planet are covered not only by a net of important Wasserscheiden, but are also onethe clearest and sturdiest culture sheaths of the world. Always it ensured that India could develop amazingly unimpaired from the outside. Because it opposes the monsoon and forces it to the Abregnen, the Himalaya produces beyond that above allin the northeast India the annually returning singular rain high so crucial for the there living conditions.

The States of Nepal and Bhutan are because of the south slope, north follow the high country of the Chinese province Tibet . In addition, India and Pakistan have portion toMountains.

Himalaya-Panorama, aufgenommen von einem Astronauten an Bord der ISS
Himalaya panorama, taken up of an astronaut on board EAT
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