Brain edema

an edema [of griech. oidema > tumefaction<] is a limited or expanded diseased accumulation of serous liquid in the Gewebsspalten of skin and mucous membrane, in lymphatic vessels or in the interstitial area of the organs as striking, lung, brain or Lymphödem.

With brain edema it comes by different endogenous and exogenous effects to the liquid storage and - relocation in the central nervous system (ZNS). The accumulation of liquid predominantly takes place in the crust intrazellulär into the Astrozytenfortsätzen (in former times brain swelling). In Mark can take place also an extracellular liquid flüssigkeitsvermehrung. Brain edema places a complication of pathological processes of the ZNS (e.g. Tumore, inflammations, intoxications, container processes) accompanying and/or. after injuries and operations arising disturbance of the water and electrolyte household of the brain.

There the brain by the knöchernen head few possibilities has itself to expand, is a brain edema usually a serious illness, particularly since the pouring brain can compress also the Venen, which provides for the blood discharge of the brain, so that a Infarzierung with consequence of the Ischämie with consequence of brain death can occur.

A brain edema can also by the influence of large height and reduced oxygen content of the breathing air, in particular with the extreme height mountain pastes, develops (see elevator brain edema).

kinds of brain edema

  • located
  • generalized

possibilities of treatment

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