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Hiroshima (jap. 広島市 Hiroshima ski, dt. spacious island) is a port in the southwest of the Japanese Hauptinsel Honshūand the capital of the prefecture Hiroshima. It is divided into eight districts: Naka, Higashi, min revision modification, Nishi, ASP min revision modification, Asakita, Aki and Saeki. Admits became the city world-wide by the first employment of an atom bomb tooWar purposes to 6. August 1945.

  • Surface: 741.74 km ²
  • inhabitants: 1.155.600 (conditions: 22. February 2006)

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badgesHiroshimas Carps
Burgmauer der wieder errichteten Burg Hiroshima
Burgmauer of the again established castle Hiroshima

the city grew by a castle from late 16. Century and was developed under the rule of the family Asano, which governed here up to the Meiji restoration.

The development of the port 1889 and the connection to the 1894 finished Sanyō railway line between Kōbe and Shimonoseki led to a further upswing of Hiroshima.

During the first Japanese-Chinese war (1894/95) Hiroshima was imperial headquarters, in the future became it onemilitary center of the Empire of Japan. Up to the Second World War the city won increasingly in meaning and grew to seventh-largest Japan. To 6. August 1945, 21 days after the first successful test with Alamogordo, burst from US the bombers Enola Gay thrown off US atom bomb Little Boy (small boy; Explosive: Uran-235) in 580 ±15 meters height (1900 ± 50 ft) over the metropolis, which exempts remained up to then from bombardments was. It concerned that world-wide first nuclear weapon employment, thatin Hiroshima probably more and destroyed 80% of the city killed than 70,000 humans immediately. To at the end of of 1945 the number of the victims increased to 140.000. Until today the long-term radioactive contamination of the city still humans fall to the victim and suffer underit; they are called in Japan Hibakusha. Thereby the number of the victims increased officially to over 240.000. The US Government justified the atom bomb release (just like further three days later over Nagasaki) with the tendency, the Second World Warrapidly and without terminating an invasion from Honshu, very involving heavy losses for both sides, to. This explanation is disputed for different reasons. A theory mentioned, the principal purpose consisted of intimidating in anticipation of the already foreseeable cold war the Soviet Union. Oneaccording to other theory one wanted to use the opportunity, in order to test the atom bomb under actual operating conditions at a still ungeschädigten city organism.
(See in addition: Atom bomb release on Hiroshima, Hibakusha)

after the reconstruction starting from 1949 developed Hiroshima to an importantIndustrial site and is today also over 1,1 millions Inhabitants the tenth-largest city of Japan.


Hiroshima is attached since 1975 to the Sanyo Shinkansen. The new airport is outside of east the city, the old is far under thatName Hiroshima Nishi further for regional flights in enterprise. Hiroshima has also connection to the Chugoku and the Sanyo motorway, and the national route two crosses the city from east to west. From the port numerous driving connections to the islands exist in thatInland lake as well as after Shikoku.

Hiroshima has the largest streetcar net of Japan with nine lines, which are limited to the city area. A cross-country line drives to Miyajima guchi, of where the ferries go to Miyajima. Six bus companies operate numerous Buslinien, particularly inthe suburbs.JR holds the railway suburban traffic. Two modern ÖPNV - there are systems also, the branch RAM and the a rail course Hiroshima, however carry the streetcars, mopeds, motorcycles, railways and penalty the traffic main load.


the pupil originating from Hiroshima Sadako Sasaki (1943 - 1955) fought up to its death with the folding of Origami - Kranichen against its leukaemia - illness, which had been caused by the atom bomb release. Due to the world-wide sympathy at their fate Papierkraniche became tooa symbol of the international peace movement and the resistance against the nuclear war.

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Die Atombombenkuppel in Hiroshima
The atom bomb dome in Hiroshima


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