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Abessinien the high country of Abessinien (also high country of Ethiopia or Äthiopi high country called ), high up to 4.620 m, as high mountains central and north Ethiopia and is still enough with its northernmost Ausläufern into the northern Eritrea (East Africa).

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into the northwest of Ethiopia changes the high country from Abessinien gradually into the nubian desert . In the northeast Eritrea follows , where the area drops to the Red Sea. In the southeast the high country pushes to the northern part of the large African Grabenbruchs, from which the East Africa niche Grabenbruch branches here. This begins the Abessini high country of the Somali Hochland separates, which is called also southern Athiopi high country with the Abessini ditch that. Into the south the mountains change into the Grabenbruch specified before , in which beside some other lakes the door kana lake is. Southwest and west the Nile valley follows and the sumps of the Sudds.


the äthiopische high country

the high country of Abessinien is dismembered into different small single mountains, which are called for example Amara , Gurage and Simen.

From the nubian desert in the Sudan, following in the northwest to the high country , the area rises itself only gradually over high countries and the national border to Ethiopia . By the northern part of the mountains beginning in this frontier the Sahelzone pulls itself : The latter comes in this area as approximately 100 km of broad strips from direction the west and bends then northward, in order to lead of the northern part of the high country with up to 500 km broad along the coast of the Red Sea and thus particularly by the neighboring country Eritrea after southeast. In the north on the one hand the Trockensavanne prevails forwards, on the other hand one there is there a swampy and close jungle, in e.g. Elephants, Raubtiere and queues live, hardly however humans.

At its east edge the high country of Abessinien drops steeply, in order to drop in that west the border to Eritrea lying Koba lowering, a depression, on the bank of the Karumsee even up to 116 m under NN; to it there is a Sumpfgebiet, which of the brook - and river courses, which come from the quite precipitation-rich center of the high country, one feeds. The eastern area is determined by drying and Feuchtsavannen, which change still far into the east into the broad strip of the Sahels already mentioned.

Toward southeast, where the Grabenbruch specified above pulls itself in northeast southwest direction by Ethiopia, the high country changes from Abessinien over the Feuchtsavanne into the Dornsavanne of the ditch; in it are many seas.

The center of the mountains is determined mostly by grass country on the forestless and rocky board mountains, which exhibit often perpendicularly dropping cliffs, partly in addition, by the tropical rain forest, and of with Nilpferden animated the Tanasee, from the blue Nile distance-let. The summit ranges of many of these plateaus evenly specified are watered, so that a quite sumptuous Vegetaion and even agriculture could develop there; in addition cattle breeding is operated there. In the wars of the earlier centuries these rock plateaus, which are called Amba , were often uneinnehmbare fortresses.

Direction southwest and the west drops the area over the Trockensavanne gradually to the valleys of the blue one - and white Nile .


during the summit regions a damp-tropical climate often exhibit, fall the valleys drying. The rain time, which lets abregnen its precipitation mostly only in the summit regions (this is also the reason for the äthiopischen Dürren), lasts from June to Septembers.


the high country of Abessinien is in north south direction about 1,000 km long and in west east direction up to 500 km broad, which corresponds about to the size of the alps.


Semien mountains

the quite fissured high mountains about 2,000 to maximally 4,620 m is high. The highest summits are covered several months in the year with snow, a reason for it, which the blue Nile rises from the Tanasee and its supplies, so rich water receive.

The list of the highest mountains in the high country of Abessinien, specified here , represents only a selection of some high mountains.

  • Race to Daschan Terara (4,620 m) - Simen mountains
  • Buahit (4,510 m)
  • Talo (4,413 m)
  • package (4,300 m)
  • Guma Terara 4,231 m
  • Guge (4,203 m)
  • Birhan Terara (4,154 m)
  • Amba Alage (3,438 m)
  • Tulu Welel (3,301 m)
  • Dendi (3,292 m)
  • Beleye (3,131 m)


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