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university for music and theatre
rector: Professor. Konrad grains
year of the foundation: 1843
place: Leipzig (Saxonia)
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the university for music and theatre is of three still existing universities in Leipzig. It was created 1843 and is thereby the oldest such mechanism in Germany.


to 2. April 1843 based the composer and Gewandhauskapellmeister Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809-1847) a Conservatorium of the music in Leipzig. It had its seat first in (first) the garb house (Gewandgäs in the old part of town, do not receive).

In the year 1876 the mechanism received permission for leading in the future the name royal conservatoire of the music to Leipzig.

To 5. December 1887 was inaugurated the new building of the conservatoire in the Grassistrasse 8, which were established 1885 to 1887 after a draft of the Leipziger architect Hugo light (1841-1923) in the music quarter southwest to the old part of town.

In the year 1924 the royal conservatoire (after there was the kingdom Saxonia already six years no longer) in national conservatoire of the music was renamed to Leipzig.

In the summer semester 342 students (excluding male sex) at the national conservatoire learned 1938; thus it was to Berlin (633 students), Cologne (406 students) and Munich (404 students) the fourth largest college of music of the German Reich.

From 1939 to 1945 the Austrian composer was Professor. Johann Nepomuk David (1895-1977), who already since 1934 as a professor at the national conservatoire worked, director of the mechanism.

To 8. June 1941 (likewise six years after synchronising the country Saxonia) was renamed „the national conservatoire “ into national university for music, musician drawing and representing art.

In the year 1944 had the college of music war-causes its activity to adjust.

At the 1. October 1946 was again-opened the university for music under the name Mendelssohn Bartholdy academy.

To 4. November 1972 received the university to the names of its founder (on the occasion of its 125. Day of death) and since then university for music was called „Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy “.

The Saxonian university structure law of 10. April 1992 confirmed Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy “the college of music in Leipzig and extended it at the same time by the connection of the theatre university Leipzig dissolved by parts „Hans's Otto “(1953 based as the first theatre university of Germany in Leipzig) to the today's university for music and theatre „.

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