University teachers

university teachers teach and research within their lehr and research contract independently and within own responsibility. After predominant understanding rank among the university teachers the professors, junior professors and the private lecturers at universities.

The remaining university personnel covers the so-called academic central tract (scientific and artistic coworkers) andthe other coworkers (technical and administrative staff).

The right of the university teachers in Germany is in the Acts concerning universities of the countries, and/or. in own laws (Bavaria: Bavarian. University teacher law) regulated. Also in other states there is particularly university teacher law - among other things in Denmark.

Situation in Austria

in Austria became outdated the term „to university teachers “.

The Act concerning universities 2005, which itself exclusive on the teacher formation serving the educational universities (so far: The term university teacher refers , does not use educational academies) and on universities not. It generally speaks of „the teaching staff “(§ 72 Z 2),of „teachers “(z. B. § 13 exp. 2, § 16 exp. 2) or in the special of federal teaching staff, and trainingassigned federal contract teaching staff (§ 18 exp. 1).

In former times common term of the university teacher was replaced due to the gradual transformation of the universities in universities by the term „university teachers “,which however represents already „a discharge model “:

university teachers as organization-legal category

in accordance with § 19 exp. 2 UOG 1993 (to use to 31. Decembers 2003) belonged to university teacher to the scientific personnel of the Universities of, it sat down together from the university professors, Emeritierten university professors, guest professors, Fee professors, university University of, university assistant and trainingassigned.

Since 1. Jänner 2004 fully applicable university law 2002 does not know the term of the university teacher during the organization of the members of the university any longer: In accordance with § 94 exp. 2002 the scientific and artistic are arranged 2 university lawUniversity University of only more in two sub-groups: in university professor inside and into the scientific and artistic woman employees in the research, art and training enterprise, whereby within the latter sub-group university lecturer inside the privileged position comes.

university teacher as personnel-legal category

still meaning has the term „university teachers “in the public service employment law of the officials and in the industrial law of the led up officials of contract: In accordance with § 154 official public service employment law law 1979 university teachers are in the sense of this Federal law the university professors, university lecturers, university assistants and federal teachers. 1948 a similar demarcation is appropriate for the section IIa of the law of official of contract to reason. For since that 1. Jänner 2004 again accepted university personnel will be irrelevant in accordance with § 128 university law 2002 starting from the entry into force of the Kollektivvertrags also this category.


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