Testicle bag infusion

with a testicle bag infusion is infused sterile saline solution slowly into the Hodensack of the man. This leads to a swollen, heavily hanging Hodensack, which is felt with appropriate preferences as very erotisch.

Since also larger liquid quantities can be infused during a longer period and the body not immediately diminishes this quantity of liquid, it takes some days, until swelling decreased/went back completely. During these days the Hodensack must be observed further exactly, in order to recognize a possibly arising infection. A heavy infection of the Hodensacks can endanger possibly even the procreativeness. By the partings arising Hämatome needs usually longer to it again disappeared.


with this practice around an interference it acts, can risks there to an infection always come. Sterile instruments should be natural, do not exclude the possibility of an infection however not.

Men, who suffered from testicle high conditions, which were corrected by a Orchidopexie, may not this practice not use, since the testicle is no longer freely mobile separates at the Hodensack increased. By the stretch of the Hodensacks the danger would exist that the testicle dies.

No liquid in the testicles themselves should be infused, since the sperm cellses form there and are not favorable the pressure arising then in the testicle surely for the sperm cells formation.

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