Yard master

this side refers to the aristocracy educator, for further meanings sees yard master (term clarifying).

A yard master (lat. Magister, Praefectus curiae) is a house teacher in the Middle Ages, who is responsible outside of the school sphere also for support. It is one of the first yard officials of the German emperors and kings. Its office function existed first in the line of the royal housekeeping and in serving around the private person of the monarch. Such officials occurred also at other courts and even with smaller Dynasten. The office for yard master won in 15. Century gradually the meaning of a public office, and the yard master unfolded finally at the German courts almost the effectiveness of a house and a cabinet of Minister.

The oldest yard masters in Germany were klösterliche restaurant officials, who procured the lay management as Adlaten the abbott. In some areas of the managers of a larger property yard master is called still now; in addition the name for house teachers is usual.

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