Holger Börner

Holger Börner (* 7. February 1931 in Kassel) is a German politician (SPD).

He was from 1967 to 1972 parliamentary undersecretary of state with the Federal Minister for traffic (starting from 1969 with the Federal Minister for traffic and for the post office and telecommunication system) and from 1976 until 1987 Prime Minister of the country Hessen.

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training and occupation

after the attendance of the people and middle school learnedBörner the occupation of the concrete skilled worker. It engaged itself already early in the trade union and was last a work council chairman with a Kasseler building contractor, with which it was active as an auxiliary foreman also.

a party

Börner joined 1948 of the SPD , became 1950 member of the board of the SPDKassel and was since 1956 their deputy local chairman. From 1961 to 1963 it functioned as a Federal leader of the young socialists, after it had been before from 1948 to 1956 Kasseler of circle chairmen of the falcons. From 1972 to 1976 it was under the Federal leader Willy Brandt Federal business manager thatSPD and from 1977 to 1985 of regional chairmen of the SPD in Hessen. Before it already led the SPD district federation Hessen north since 1975 as a chairman. To the federal presidency Börner from 1972 to 1988 belonged to the SPD .

By December 1987 up to its choice to the honorary chairman in January 2003was Börner of chairmen of the SPDnear Friedrich Ebert donation. Seit 1995 ist er Kuratoriumsmitglied der Bundeskanzler-Willy-Brandt-Stiftung.


from 1956 to 1972 was Börner member of the Kasseler town council, where it led the SPD faction from 1960 to 1969.

Börner became with the election to the Bundestag 1957 asat that time youngest delegates into the German Bundestag selected. Here it was 1965 up to 21. June 1967 (as an at that time youngest chairman of the commitee) and 1972 to 1976 of chairmen of the transport committee. It belonged to the Bundestag until 1976.

Holger Börner always is as directly selected delegates of the constituencyKassel into the German Bundestag drawn in.

public offices

to 12. April 1967 it was appointed as a parliamentary undersecretary of state with the Federal Minister for traffic into the cabinet of the large coalition led of Federal Chancellor briefly George Kiesinger. It kept this office off also in 1969 of Willy Brandt led Federal Government. To 4. It separated February 1972 from this office, in order to become Federal business managers of the SPD.

In October 1976 he was selected of a SPD FDP - coalition as a successor of Albert Osswald to the Prime Minister of the country Hessen. Afterbei der Landtagswahl im September1982 die FDP, die auf Bundesebene die sozialliberale Koalition bereits aufgekündigt hatte, an der Fünf-Prozent-Hürde scheiterte, gab es im Hessischen Landtag keine regierungsfähige Mehrheit. Börner managed an acting federal state government up to the preferred new elections in September 1983.

During of thegreen resistance against the building of the runway 18 west Frankfurt airport at the beginning of the 1980er years coined/shaped Börner the utterance, problems as with the runway opponents one „in former times on the building " “with the roof slat “solved.

In June 1984 it was tolerated then again,of the party the Greens, to the Prime Minister selected. In October 1985 a coalition with the Greens finally came off. It was the first Red-Green coalition at all. At that time Joschka Fischer occurred as Minister of State for environment and energy the cabinet Börner.

But already in February 1987 broke the coalition by the controversy over permission for the Hanauer nuclear enterprise Alkem. In April 1987 it came thereupon to new elections, with which Börner did not stand as a candidate any longer. Of the 1. November 1986 up to 14. April 1987 he was Upper House of Parliament president.

After this choicea CDU was formed - for FDP coalition under walter barrier man.

social offices

from 1987 to 2003 was Börner of chairmen of the Friedrich Ebert donation.


Börner is honour citizen of the city Kassel.


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