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Holland is a part of the Netherlands, which is limited in the west by the North Sea and in the east by the IJsselmeer. Holland divides on into thoseProvinces north Holland and south Holland. The northern border is with the Helder and the island Texel, the southern lies in the delta of Rhine, Maas and Schelde. In Holland are and. A. the large cities the Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the part of the population centre Randstad are. In the west, at the North Sea, predominantly dunes are, landinward are flat Polder to be found along the coast. Are appropriate for width of parts of Holland below the sea level.

The area was a component of the Roman realm, later the Franconia realm, the holy Roman realm of German nation and Burgunds. Starting from 1581 Holland was a prominent component of the Republiek of the Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden. During the napoleonischen time there was the kingdom Holland (1806- 1810), which covered the today's Netherlands. In order to reduce the dominance of Holland, which was always the cultural, political and social main part of the country, it was divided 1840 into the today's two provinces north Holland and south Holland.

The name Holland became for the first time 866 as getting country (wood country and/or. Waldland) for the area around Haarlem mentions.

In the high-German linguistic usage Holland is often used for the State of the Netherlands. The colloquial use of „Holland “for the Netherlands exists 16 since that. Century,since of Holland entry to „the Republic of that filters combined the Netherlands “. This use was strengthened in the 1970er and 1980er years, successfully as agrarian export your from the region Holland with an intensive Werbekampagne tried against the negative image of the Netherlands greenhouse products in Germanyto fight. The Werbeträgerin „Mrs. Antje “with their saying „cheese and vegetables - quality from Holland “became in Germany of well-known as the Netherlands queen Beatrix.

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