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Residential area in the Hollywood Hills at the foot of the well-known signature
Das Hollywood Sign
the Hollywood Sign

Hollywood [ˈhɑːliwʊd](English: Pass palm forest) is a quarter of Los Angeles in US - Federal State California with approximately 300,000 inhabitants. Hollywood was world-admitted as center of the American film industry. Today the term is used there „Hollywood “often also as synonym for those resident film industry. Many Americans name Hollywood against it devaluing the pointed name „Tinseltown “(= „city of the Talmi and/or. the Tands “). In the Hollywood Hills over the city is the well-known Hollywood Sign.

The ascent Hollywoods, which was created in the year 1888 by the family Wilcox, began 1911, as DavidHorsley's Nestor company the first Filmstudio opened here. Still in the same year to 15 further, „Independents moved “companies mentioned from New York, the center at that time of the film industry. There were several reasons for this removal. The most important were the more suitable climateand the longer days (to this time one had still no adequate art light, one turned thus either in the free one or in a Studio with glass roof o. A.). Mitentscheidend was without a doubt also the large distance to New York, of where outthe powerful Motion Picture of patent company (MPPC) all it not attached companies with high punishments and royalties threatened.

Large Hollywoodstudios today is: universal Studios and Warner the Brothers.

The history of the Hollywoodkinos is divided into several phases:

geographical situation of the Hollywood Sign in the Hollywood Hills: 34° 8 ' 2 " N, 118° 19 ' 17 " W

of sons and daughters of the city

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