Honolulu, with the takeoff of internationally the air haven, view of the port
historical map (over 1888)

Honolulu is the capital of US of Federal State Hawaii and is at the southeast coast of the island Oahu. It has 370,000 inhabitants inside catchment area and approximately 900,000 alsothe outside peripheral areas. It is thereby one of the largest cities of the Pacific. Nearly each foreign tourist lands here and spends his vacation only at the Waikiki Beach, where enormous buildings of hotels Honolulus suburb Waikiki bewuchern.

On Hawaiian Honolulu “protected port” means.

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is also unknown, when Honolulu was first settled or the name was first used, verbally delivered stories point however on the fact that the area for the first time in 12. Century was settled by Polynesiern. The port Honolulus was called in former timesKulolia “, until foreigner came. The first European was Captain William Brown of the English ship “Butterworth “; he came 1794 and called the port from now on “fair Haven “.The port “Brown's Harbor “called other foreigner. The name “Honolulu” came only some time later.

Honolulu became fast the largest port Hawaiis. At that time the trade with Sandelholz was important. Further Honolulu was an important supply point for whalers.

1845 made Kamehameha III. Honolulu to the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii. It was also the capital of the republic and the territory Hawaiis. And the city remained also, when 1959 Hawaii the US Federal State one appointed.

2004 had the closer city of 377,260 inhabitants, the compression chamber enclosure however practically thosewhole island (900,000 inhabitants).

Blick über Honolulu, landeinwärts
View over Honolulu, landinward


Honolulu is important air traffic - and navigation junction (airport Honolulu) and because of the tropical climate particularly for the tourism of importance. In the proximity the famous edge of bathing Waikiki lie andthe US Navy base Pearl Harbor, place of the Japanese surprise attack of 7. December 1941.

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Aliiolani resound

to Aliiolani resound is the name of an administration building in Honolulu on Hawaii. It was placed 1874 finished and combined at that time all important government authorities of the kingdom at that time. Today it is considered as one of the largest tourist attractions and accommodates the highest Court of Justice of Hawaii,a historical center and a legal library.

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coordinates: 21,315° N, 157,862° W


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