Honshū (jap. 本州, main province) is the largest island of Japan and also as Japanese „heartland “is designated. In the north it is separate by the meeresstrasse from Tsugaru from the island Hokkaidō, in the south by the Seto Inlandsee from the island Shikoku. In the southwestthe island Kyūshū lies, separately by the meeresstrasse of Shimonoseki.

On Honshū the Japanese capital Tōkyō lies.

Geografie and climate

Honshū about 1,300 km are long and have width between 50 and 240 km. The surface amounts to aboutto 230,500 km ², this corresponds about 60% to the total area of Japan. The coastal line is 5,450 km long. The highest point of the island is the mountain Fuji with 3.776 m height.

The area is particularly in the Kantō - level very fruitful: Many rivers flow here, under italso the longest river of Japan, the ski nano. The climatic conditions reach from the cool north point of the island up to subtropical zones in the south.

Honshū is gebirgig and seismically very active, volcanic eruptions and above all earthquakes occurs frequently. The large Kantō earthquake in September 1923 addedTōkyō heavy damage too, 1995 were killed by an earthquake in Kōbe 6,400 humans.

administration and population

the island are arranged in 34 prefectures including the urban area of Tōkyō and into the following five regions divided:

the population about 100 millions amounted to in the year 2000 Inhabitant (1975: 89 millions) and concentrates in particular in the lowlandses. In the Kantō level in and around Tōkyō and Yokohamalive 25% of the total population of Honshū. The remaining larger cities of the island are Kyōto, Ōsaka, Kōbe, Hiroshima, Akita and Nagoya.

traffic facilities

Honshū is with the remaining Japanese Hauptinseln by tunnels or bridges connected. Three new bridge systems becameover the Seto Inlandsee between Honshū and Shikoku built, of it the Akashi Kaikyo bridge is to the island Awaji the suspension bridge with the longest freely carrying center section of the world. The Seikan tunnel connects Honshū with Hokkaidō.


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