Horror literature

the term horror literature designates a literature kind, to whose fear-flow-end article the description of and represents to often supernatural events.

The motives of the action (monster, Untote, Vampire etc. ) often move into the foreground, whereby it remains with a bare description of events, in which on the supernatural element the special attention are put.

For example “The Shining “would be to be called by Stephen King.

This became 1988 of the American writer, literary critic and Filmrezensenten Douglas E. Winter in the preface to the Anthologie “Prime Evil ” published by it (dt. “Horror of the finest one”, Heyne - publishing house [meanwhile out of print]) denied.

It set up the thesis, with the horror literature “trade [e] [it] itself not around a kind of literature [...]. “ For it the horror literature “is at all no category, as Science fiction or the Western "; it concerns thereby rather “a feeling”. It is reserved after winter no certain authors produce this feeling with its reader one general-linguistically as horror authors designation, like e.g. in today's time with Stephen King or also with Thomas Harris happen. Rather authors of all cultures and epochs would have concerned themselves again and again with the topics of the fear and force; as examples it calls in particular James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Carlo Fuentes, whose works are to be partly likewise added to the horror literature.

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