Refuge Dieter Tietz

refuge Dieter Tietz (* 26. February 1937 in Magdeburg) is a eremitierter professor and former rector of the FH Zwickau.

It studied materials technology and testing of materials, attained a doctorate 1965 and habilitierte 1970. Of 1965 - 1971 it led the material test institute of a heavy mechanical engineering enterprise. 1971 he became a professor at the engineer university Zwickau. 1989 - 1992 it led Institut for materials and quality assurance to the TH Zwickau. 1991 it was appointed by the Saxonian Department of State for science and art as a rector, was starting from 1992 establishment rector and starting from 1996 selected rector of the FH zwickau. To 26. January 2000 it delivered this office to the newly selected rector Karl Friedrich Fischer .

Refuge Dieter Tietz is considered as an internationally recognized specialist in the area of the materials engineering and non destructive examination.


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