Refuge Feistel

refuge Feistel (* 30. January 1915, Berlin - † 14. November 1990) became admits as a name giver of the so-called Feistelchiffre.

Feistel emigrierte in the year 1934 into the USA and spent the majority of the Second World War under house arrest. To 31. To January 1944 he got the American nationality lent.

Already on the following day it began US with the development of friend/enemy recognition systems with the air Force Cambridge Research center (AFCRC). Afterwards it finally worked on WITH Lincoln Laboratory, for the company Mitre corporation and for IBM.

He worked with others on the so-called. Project “Lucifer “, a whose goal was it to develop an efficient coding technology. The Feistelchiffre was later then the basis for OF THE.


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