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refuge groping ore (* 26. May 1923 in Elberfeld, today: Wuppertal) is a German actor.

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refuge groping ore was born as a son of an official. Following the hauptschule it completed commercial teachings and as a soldier into the armed forces was drawn in.

career at the theatre

after the return from the war shank placed itforwards and became as accountants at the theatre in Stendal (Saxonia-Anhalt) for some time helping out workers. There he found taste at the activity as an actor and received since 1946 play instruction with Paul Rose. Under him he collected first theatrical experiences in Köthen and at the national theatre Württemberg Hohenzollern.Its further way led it across the city theatre Goettingen (1949-1950), the national theatre Kassel (1950-1951), the theatre of the city Bonn (1951-1953) to the urban stages in Wuppertal and to the chamber plays Munich (1956-1967). Since 1967 groping ore worked as free actors.

career with filmand it

arose to television end of the 50's for the first time in cinema and television films. 1966 began its actual break-through in the TV with the crime film three-divisor the Gentlemen ask to the cash, in which he played the role of the post office robber boss Michael Donegan.

it changed 1968 from the Ganovento the law guardian and played in Edgar Wallace - films the role Scotland yard - supervisor Perkins. The Second Channel of German Television, which planned a new crime film series with the producer Helmut Ringelmann, became attentive to it. Film script author harsh ore Reinecker wrote at the follow-up of the very successful crime film row „the commissioner “.The new was called „Derrick “and should show another type of Kriminalisten. Groping ore played therein the main role of the upper supervisor Stephan Derrick, to which as an assistant Harry small (easily of Fritz incoming inspection by) was placed against the side. The series was turned since 1973. ThoseFlap for last transmission fell 1998 after 281 consequences and was not only at the German public a giant racer. The series was sold into 104 countries, was with Chinese, Japanese, Italians likewise likes as with Pope Johannes Paul II.

Refuge groping ore lives in Gräfelfing close of Munich and is since 1957 in third marriage with Ursula geb. Pistor marries. It has three children from its first two marriages (Karin, Ralph and Gary). Among its hobbies rank and. A. Fish and chase. On the Norwegian island Hamarøy it possesses a holiday house.

stage roles (in selection)



  • 1979 Bambi
  • 1980 appointment as the Kriminalhauptkommissar honour for the sake of
  • 1981 golden camera
  • 1984 golden camera, Austria
  • 1986 Telegatto, Italian TV-price
  • 1988 Order of Merit
  • of 1993 honour citizens of Norway
  • 1995 silver tulip, Netherlands TV-price
  • 1997 earnings/service medals of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • 1998 Telestar for the life's work
  • 1998 platinum Romy for the life's work
  • 2002 Ehrenpreis of the Norwegian GermansWilly Brandt donation
  • 2003 Bavarian television price (special price)



  • Katrin Hampel: The Derrick book. Everything over the most successful German crime film series. Berlin: Henschel 1998. ISBN 3-89487-313-2

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