House OF Flying Daggers

film data
of German titles: House OF Flying Daggers
original title: Shí Miàn Mái Fú
production country: China
feature year: 2004
length (PAL - DVD): 119 minutes
of source language: High-Chinese
age release: FSK 12
direction: Zhang Yimou
film script: Left Feng
Wang is
Zhang Yimou
production: Kong William
Zhang Weiping
Zhang Yimou
Zhang Zhenyan
music: Shigeru Umebayashi
camera: Zhao Xiaoding
cut: Cheng Long

House OF Flying Daggers (Chinese: 十面埋伏, Shí Miàn Mái Fú ?) a film of the Chinese director is Zhang Yimou from the year 2004. Cinema start in Europe was starting from autumn 2004, leading actor is Takeshi Kaneshiro, Zhang Ziyi and Andy Lau.

The film is interspersed Martial kinds - a film, with the motives of a tragic, because unfulfillable dear history.

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China in the last courses of the seaweed dynasty. A group named house of the flying measurers, which had once tried in the past already to fall the empire comes again into the field of vision of the police and the military. With the help of a ruse is tried to tempt a member of the group to abandon the leader. This plan fails, and which must recognize covered investigators that it is only one play figure an interlocked plan of the group, and itself abandoned on hardly someone more can. It comes to the large fight.


the film was dedicated to Anita Mui. This should originally play the leader of the group of rebels, deceased however in December 2003 at cancer.


camera guidance, color choice and perspectives are considered as outstanding converted. The action is announced according to many critics however often before, and makes many scenes and their exit foreseeable. In particular toward end the combat scenes worked inadequately expanded and no closer goal more obligated.

The red thread was lost also for many Rezensenten of the IMDb ; for the end of the film no reference was manufactured more on the history of China or the effect of the sparkling wines on the development of the dynasty.

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