Howard Hathaway Aiken

Howard Hathaway Aiken (* 9. March 1900 in Hoboken (new jersey); † 14. March 1973 in pc. Louis, Missouri) was an US-American computer pioneer.

Aiken studied Chicago, the University OF Wisconsin at the University OF and at that Harvard University, where it 1937 the degrees of a M.A. (Master OF kind) and 1939 a Ph.D. (Doctor OF Philosophy) acquired. After some years of the activity in the electrical industry he was called on a chair after Harvard, where he from 1941 to 1946 mathematicsand director of the laboratory for computer engineering taught became. The machines of Hollerith, used at that time , could count only on positive numbers, what made them useless for the scientific employment. Therefore Aiken from 1939 to 1944 with Grace and two further designed hopper, which programmed the computer,Coworkers the first digital large computer of the world, A utomatic Sequence control LED Calculator (ASCC). It was renamed later in Harvard Mark of I. These impressive, 17 m for a long time and 2.50 m high Koloss entered history of the computer engineering. Mark of I consisted of 760.000Individual parts, among them 3000 ball bearings and 80 km wring lead. Aiken used propelled decadic counting wheels as computing elements and for storing electrically. The program was stored on a 24spurigen paper tape. This project was financed to the majority by IBM. (1)

The computer world owes that to the successor Mark of IIExpression debugging. Grace hopper reported: The summer 1945 was very hot, we worked in an area without air conditioning system and left therefore the windows open. Suddenly Mark of II stopped. We crept naturally immediately into the machine, in order to locate the error. After long looking forwe found the defective relay: inside put a moth, which had unfortunately gesegnet the temporal. With tweezers klaubte I the insect out, put it in the log and stuck it firmly with ScotchTape (tape). Now COMM other Aiken had the habit to burst in unexpectedlyand us with the question: “Acres you making any numbers?” to bring in embarrassment. We “made” no numbers, must we an apology ready have. From the time of the moth on it had thereby no more emergency. We stated simply that we were with the “Entwanzen”.Thisfirst bug (and/or. Moth) existed today still, it can be visited in the museum of the Naval Surface Weapons center in Dahlgren , Virginia. (2)

Beside its construction of computers Howard Aiken published also articles to the electronic circuit theory. For its earnings/services to the computer engineeringit received numerous honors and honours, also from Germany.

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