Howie Dorough

Howard Dwaine Dorough (* 22. August 1973 in Orlando, Florida, the USA) is an US-American singer and member of the Boygroup Backstreet Boys.

Howie is the youngest child of 5 brothers and sisters. Its nut/mother originates from Puerto Rico and its father comes from Ireland. In order to nourish the 7-köpfige family, its father has equal three jobs at the same time - during the day he works as a policeman, after end of workday as a safety man in a bank and on weekend trains he still police dogs. In addition, Howie' s nut/mother Paula besides still jobbt in the Cafeteria the urban school.

Howie learns to stand therefore very early on own legs. In the tender age of 3 years it takes its „to child guitar “, hops from bed of its grandmother and sings in addition to the Song „Babyface “from Prince. When its nut/mother discovers the talent of her Nesthäckchens, it promotes it. His sister Polly Anna, who sings and dances in its spare time in musical, procures his first role to Howie at the age of seven: in the musical „The Wizzard OF Oz “.

One year later accommodates it its Mum in that the popular child Show-troop „show of stopper “and Howie plays in different pieces also. In order to remove its talent further, he gets private singing and dance instruction in the age of 12 years - in addition Howie is member in the urban Kirchenchor.

Howie visits the Edgewater High School and with 17 years it in the yearbook of the school as „valley animal tester entertainer “is appreciated. That brings again a scholarship for „the Valencia Community college to it “into Orlando. 2 years long it studies music and communication sciences there - it controls the tool for all possible ranges in the Showbusiness, it can a camera serve, direction lead, a broadcast transmission plan, a Talkshow moderate. Occasionally it durchforstet again and again announcements, newspapers, over after appearances, advertising spot, musical, etc. to search.

With one its innumerable Castings and interviews runs he AJ and later then nod over the way - and the continuation can reread you then in the biography Backstreet Boys.


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