Stroke ore Aratym

stroke ore Aratym (* 22. January 1926 in good stone, Lower Austria; † 22. February 2000 in Vienna; actually stroke ore pelican) was a Austrian painter, sculptor and a stage designer. In the center of his work humans and its relationship with other humans were located, whereby he used above all the style means of the reduction, in order not to divert from the substantial one.

A collection of its works is to be seen in the donation stroke ore Aratym in its place of birth good stone.

For the sceneries to the balcony received it the Austrian state price for applied art.

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  • of the realization of the wrong. - Vienna: Picus Verl., 1988
  • Prozession of the Mitvergangenheit : Autobiography. - Vienna: Hora Verl., 1992

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