Stroke ore Giertz

stroke ore Giertz (* 28. April 1884 in broad-separate; † in Cologne) priest and Offizial were in the ore diocese Cologne.

To 6. March 1909 in Cologne to the priest geweiht, he took over 13 starting from that. April 1909 a Kaplansstelle at pc. Engelbert in meals, which it to 8. March 1912 against such at pc. Johann in Wuppertal - Barmen exchanged. Since that 9. May 1921 assistant at the Generalvikariat of the ore diocese Cologne, he became at the 1. April 1924 even there secretary. Since that 6. Actively , he attained June 1928 as deputy activator iustitiae to 19. November 1931 the position of a Defensors matrimonii and finally to 14. October 1932 the appointment as the examining magistrate for marriage things at the Erzbischöflichen Offizialat.

Intermediatetimely to 15. October 1932 to the clergyman advice ad honores raised, he became to 18. October 1932 to the Prosynodalexaminator and at the 11. December 1933 to the Vizeoffizial. Since that 29. April 1937 as Synodalexaminator actively, he became to 4. July 1941 besides monastery commissioner of the Ursulinen in Hersel.

To 21. Excellently , he took over September 1941 with the title of a papal Hausprälaten to his remaining activities to 25. September 1943 the office of a mirror-image ritual of the Cellitinnen of the Antonsgasse (today Gleuler road), became to 28. May 1943 the Domkapitularen appointed, at the 1. October 1943 as the real clergyman advice appoint and to 7. December 1943 appointed by archbishop Joseph Frings the Offizial of the ore diocese Cologne.

After it besides to 8. October 1945 the office of the chairman of the Diözesan Bonifatius association and at the 11. August 1947 the office of a Prosynodalexaminatoren had taken over, became Giertz to 2. September 1948 as Offizial retired, 1954 as Synodalexaminator confirms however again.

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