Stroke ore H. Humphrey

Hubert. H. Humphrey
stroke ore. H. Humphrey

stroke ore Horatio Humphrey (* 27. May 1911 in Wallace, South Dakota; † 13. January 1978 in Waverly, Minnesota) was an US-American politician.


Humphrey studied first pharmacy and led from 1933 to 37 its own pharmacy. Subsequently, it studied political sciences and made its conclusion at the universities of Minnesota and Louis IANA. During the Second World War he dressed different posts in war-relevant offices and was lecturer as well as Radiokommentator.

After the war he became a mayor of Minneapolis and 1948 senator. 1948 - 1964 he was a first democratic senator of the State of Minnesota. With the presidency election 1960 he stood as a candidate as a president, became however in the preselection of John F. Kennedy struck. Under Lyndon B. Johnson was it from 1964 to 1969 US vice-president. After the murder Robert Kennedys he was nominated on the chaotic party convention of the democrats in Chicago at the end of of August 1968 to the democratic presidency candidate. The choice to 6. November 1968 against the republican Richard Nixon went out however in a head on head running to its Ungunsten.

1969 professor at the Macalester college in pc. Paul and at the university of Minnesota. Also in the board of directors of the “Encylopaedia Britannica Inc.” actively. In the connection he was briefly again lecturer, before he was from 1970 on up to its death again a senator.

Stroke ore Humphrey was well-knownas a proponent of the Viet Nam war. He attained celebrity in Germany also, when the press, in the apron of his attendance in Germany in April 1967, which high-stylized Kommunarden of the municipality 1 to assassins, as these bags, filled with pudding, flour and coloring material, against treesthrew. This pudding assassination attempt in such a way specified was one of the early formativen moments of the German 68er-Bewegung.

The American singer-songwriter and Satiriker Tom teacher dedicated its Song Whatever Became OF stroke ore to Humphrey?, in sow-Irish way with his rather inconspicuous activity as a vice-president is concerned.

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