Stroke ore by Meyerinck

stroke ore George Werner Harald of Meyerinck (* 23. August 1896 in potsdam; † 13. May 1971 in Hamburg) was a German actor.

After the Abitur it pulled it on the stage. But before it had to do and into the war draw still another one year military service. A lung suffering spared the son of an officer family further ago Unbill. Its debut at the theatre it gave 1917 at the citizen of Berlin Schauspielhaus and after a excursion at the chamber plays Hamburg returned it to 1920 to Berlin . The silent movie discovered stroke ore of Meyerinck and it acted in numerous strips. Now it arose in different revues and Kabaretts , among them also in the famous Tingeltangel. Later it still played at the German theatre and at the Lessingtheater. Whether as conceited patients or Mackie measurer, whether as Mephisto or a captain of Köpenick, always he inspired the public with his representation.

Between them it played different roles in features. Up to its end of life it had it on more than 250 film-in-corrodes brought. One saw it most frequent embodying as a man with Glatze an officer, an official or a noble one.

it to Munich, it pulled 1950 play ores in addition, in Goettingen and Wuppertal. Finally it became member in the well-known Thalia theatre in Hamburg (1966), where it remained to last and to 4. March 1971 its last conception gave (as Agamemnon into the beautiful Helena).

The price of the German film criticism it received 1960 and 1961 for a man goes through the wall and the Spukschloss in the Spessart. 1967 he got the Bambi and 1968 the German film price.

Stroke ore of Meyerinck, which made no more make no secret toward end of its life from its homosexual inclinations, died at heart failure in Hamburg Bethanien hospitals. Its grave is on the cemetery of the municipality Schladen with Goslar. Berlin honoured it with the Meyerinckplatz in Charlottenburg.

films (selection)

  • “Nanu, you know Korff not yet” (1938)
  • “Bel revision modification” (1939)
  • “star of Rio” (1940)
  • “Trenck, the Pandur” (1940),
  • “Mrs. Luna” (1941)
  • “Muenchhausen” (1943).
  • “Large Mandarin” (1949)
  • “those is of Bagdad” (1952)
  • “Klettermaxe” (1952)
  • “the captain of Köpenick” (1956)
  • “the mad Bomberg” (1957)
  • holidays on Immenhof “(1957)
  • the pub in the Spessart “(1957)
  • “the girl Rosemarie” (1958)
  • “a man goes through the wall” (1959)
  • “the Spukschloss in the Spessart” (1960)
  • unity, two, three “(1961, orig. One, two, three)
  • new of the Hexer “(1965)
  • “of the bending couch of Soho” (1966)
  • “wonderful times in the Spessart” (1967)
  • “in the spell of the uncanny one” (1968)
  • “the gorilla of Soho” (1968)
  • “the man with the glass eye” (1969)

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