Hubertus Strughold

Hubertus Strughold (* 15. June 1898; † 1986 in Texas) were a aviation physician.

Hubertus Strughold was born in Westphalia. It studied medicine in Münster, Goettingen and peppering castle. it attained a doctorate to 1922 in Münster. He became an assistant of max of Frey at physiological Institut in peppering castle. 1927 it habilitierte. In its first lecture on aviation medicine, the first lecture, which gave it ever over this topic, it prognosticated the disbelieving student that a daily thousands of humans would fly over the Atlantic. Charles Lindbergh its legendary transatlantic flight made some weeks later.

Strughold became 1933 extraordinary professor and late director/conductor of the institute for air medicine of the armed forces. There attempts in altitude chambers at patients were made. First Strughold took soldiers as an attempt candidate, late KZ-prisoners.

After the Second World War Strughold was not accused like some its coworker of crimes at patients. The White of sand Missile rank museum in new Mexico (the USA) informs: Pc. set in DAK-strike KZ-prisoners conditions of temperature and pressure out, as they prevail in 10 km height. Subsequently, it dissected it alive.

He became a professor for physiology at the University of Heidelberg. 1947 it accepted an invitation to aviation-medical Institut of US air Force in Randolph Field (Texas). He became director/conductor of the US space travel medicine.

To 9. February 1949 first Institut for space medicine of the world based with Strughold as a first professor for space medicine. Strughold assumed that already at that time, that the medical problems of a space flight, like effect of weightlessness to solve acceleration and nutrition in the following 10 to 15 years its, with which he kept right. Strughold ready from medical side the Apollo program before and is considered today as a father of the space medicine.

1983 were lent to it the Order of Merit. The Hubertus Strughold Award is lent to it in honours and 1985 are explained by the senate in Texas a Hubertus Strughold day.


  • Your body clock (1972)
  • sketch of the aviation medicine (1939)
  • contributions for the knowledge of the Refraktärphasen of the human Rückenmarkes having IL writing 1927 peppering castle


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