Hugh of whale poles

Hugh Seymour of whale poles (* 13. March 1884 in Auckland, New Zealand, † 1. June 1941 in London, England) was a British writer.

Hugh Walpole, 17. Februar 1934, Fotograf Carl van Vechten
Hugh of whale poles, 17. February 1934, photographer Carl van Vechten

Hugh of whale poles, 1884 as a son of a bishop in New Zealand born, came in the age from five years to England. There it visited the King's School (Canterbury) and Emmanuel college (Cambridge).

It was both productive and versatile as writers; beside the four volumes of the Herries Chronicles, it wrote youth novels (the Jeremy - series ) and makabre shower stories (A la Edgar Allan Poe) to its probably most well-known work, which is compared gladly with John Galsworthys Forsythe Saga, - here is above all Portrait OF A one with talk Hair to call.

During lifetimes a quite well-known and much-read author, came whale poles after his death 1941 slowly and undeservedly into oblivion.

It lies with sp John's Church in Keswick buried.

Table of contents



[1909] The Wooden Horse
[1910] Marradick RK Forty
[1911] Mr Perrin and Mt Traill (Isabel and the teacher Perrin)
[1912] The Prelude ton of Adventure
[1913] Fortitude
[1914] The Duchess OF Wrexe (the duchess of Wrexe)
[1916] The Dark Forest (the dark forest)
[1918] The Green Mirror (the green mirror)
[1919] The Secret town center
[1919] Jeremy (Jeremy - novel of a childhood)
[1920] The Captives
[1921] The Young Enchanted
[1922] The Cathedral
[1923] Jeremy and Hamlet (Jeremy and its dog)
[1924] The old Ladies (not translated)
[1925] Portrait OF A one with talk Hair (portrait of a Rothaarigen)
[1926] Harmer John (not translated)
[1927] Jeremy RK Crale (Jeremy on the school)
[1928] Wintersmoon (not translated)
[1929] to Farthing resound (with J. B. Priestley) (not translated)
[1929] Hans's frost (not translated)
[1931] Above the Dark Circus
[1934] Captain Nicholas
[1935] The Inquisitor
[1936] A Prayer for my Son
[1937] John Cornelius (not translated)
[1938] The Joyful Delaneys
[1939] The Sea Tower (the tower at the sea)
[1940] The Bright Pavilions (the desire gardens of God)
[1941] The blindly Man's House
[1941] The killer and the Slain (the author and the dead one)
[1944] Katherine Christian (Katherine Christian)

the Herries Chronicles

[1930] Rogue Herries (Herries, the Vagant)
[1931] Judith Paris (Judith Paris)
[1932] The Fortress (the fortress)
[1933] Vanessa (Vanessa)


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  • Macmillian & cost, 1952f. ; ISBN 0-241-11406-3 (expenditure for paperback)

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