Hugo Gernsback

Hugo Gernsback (* 16. August 1884 in Luxembourg, † 19. August 1967 in New York town center) was an US-American publisher and Science Fiction - author. He immigrated 1905 to the USA . He married three times: Rose Harvey 1906, Dorothy Kantrowitz 1921, Mary Hancher 1951. 1925 created Gernsback the Radiosender WRNY and were involved in the radiant emittance of the first television broadcasts.

Gernsback justified the modern category of the Science Fiction as it 1926 Amazing Stories, which created first of this literature kind dedicated magazine. It played also with the reason of the Science Fiction fan cathedral a key role, by publishing the addresses of reader letter writers in its magazines.

The Science Fiction Achievement - price, which is lent each year due to the voices by members of the World Science Fiction Society to different works, was designated after Gernsback Hugo. Gernsback was 1996 one of the justifying entries into the Science Fiction and Fantasy resounds to OF Fame.

Gernsback wrote also even Science Fiction, including the novel Ralph 124C 41+, which he published for the first time from April 1911 until March 1912 in its magazine decaying Electrics. The title of the novel is expressed, in English spoken, “Ralph one two four C four one”, which one can also understand than “Ralph, one ton forsee for one”. That means on German: “Ralph, one for us into the future looks”. Its work is generally regarded due to that variety of its ideas as read worth, not because of the literary or erzählerischen quality. Hugo Gernsback acquired 80 patents up to its death.


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