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Hugo Haase (* 29. September 1863 in all stone, East Prussia; † 7. November 1919 in Berlin) was a German lawyer, politician and a Pazifist.

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lives and occupation

Hugo Haase one bore as a son of a Jewish shoemaker and merchant in all stone. After the Abitur in slot castle it studied 1890 there in king mountain on the right of and political sciences and established themselves as an attorney. During several processes defendedhe politically pursued Social Democrats, then he reaches an acquietal for the later Prussian Prime Minister Otto brown in the Königsberger secret federation process. 1912 it shifted its Kanzlei to Berlin.

To 8. October 1919 became Haase of Johann Voss, an allegedly spirit-disturbed leather worker, by shots heavilyhurt and died to 7. November 1919 in Berlin at the consequences of the assassination attempt. It was married with Thea Liechtenstein and had a son. By August 1945 until April 1953 a road was designated in Leipzig, the today's Erich wine blank road, after Haase. Today is after it the Hugo Haase road in Strehla designated.

a party

since 1887 belonged to Haase of the SPD . It belonged to the revisionistic party wing in such a way specified, - differently than the Marxist - in gradual reforms and no longer in the revolution the best wayto social and political changes saw.1911 it became apart from August Bebel SPD - chairmen. After Bebels death Haase and Friedrich Ebert were selected to equal chairmen of the party. In July 1914 it organized the anti-war demonstrations of the SPD.

After Easter 1917 he became a chairman of the again-created USPD (independent ones A social-democratic party of Germany), which split itself off the majority social-democracy (MSPD) and occurred for immediate peace negotiations. The USPD led by Haase achieved with the elections for Weimar national assembly to 19. January 1919 only 7.6% of the voices. After establishment of the KPD he speaks himself fora reunification from USPD and SPD and places itself thereby against the radical USPD wing, which expresses itself for a co-operation with the communists.


Haase was since 1895 the first Social Democrat in the town councillor von Königsberg. 1897 for the first time it became forthe constituency king mountain 3 in Reichstag of the empire selected. With the realm tag choice 1907 it did not succeed to it to win again the constituency. After its return into Reichstag the 1912 it became additional beside Philipp sheath man of SPD faction leaders in Reichstag. It fought to 31. July and 1. August 1914 in the SPD faction against an acceptance of the war credits. It could not succeed however against Friedrich Ebert and the parliamentary group majority. For reasons of the party discipline Haase in the crucial realm tag meeting had to then justify the resolution of the SPD faction seized against its will. Upits expression “we do not leave the native country in the hour of the danger in the pass” reacts the imperial realm government with announcing the” Burgfriedens in such a way specified “.

After the failure of German war planning at the end of of 1914 Haase turned however ever more strongly and openly against thatWar and against the war politics of the SPD Reichstag parliamentary group.1915 it was therefore forced to the resignation as a leader of the parliamentary group , 1916 to the resignation as a SPD chairman. In March 1916 he transferred the line of the social-democratic working group, in which the war opponents among the SPD delegates had together-found themselves. Since the elections1919 it belonged to Weimar national assembly up to its death that and led there the USPD - parliamentary group.

public offices

in the course of the November revolution it formed to 10. November 1918 with the majority Social Democrat Friedrich Ebert a provisional realm government, who advice of the people-assigned,whose deputy presidency he took over. After the procedure by force of government troops against the revolutionary People's Navy division at the Weihnachtstagen, on instruction of Ebert, 1918, Haase and the two other USPD representatives, William Dittmann and Emil Barth stepped, to 29. December from the advice.

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