Hugo the large

Hugo the large one (* around 895; † 16. June 956 in Dourdan), 936 duke of Franconias (dux francorum), 922 among other things count of Paris, son of king Robert I. from France, one was the founder of the power of the Kapetinger in France.


Hugo rejected the French crown with the death of its father, so that its brother-in-law Rudolf of Burgund began the follow-up. With Rudolfs death 936 wasHugo in the possession of nearly all rule between Loire and its that the old Neustrien corresponded, with exception of the area, which had been surrendered 911 to the Normannen. Still it rejected it to begin the follow-up as a king of France. Instead it had strong portion to the fact that the Karolinger Ludwig, that inheritance of the former king Karl III. from England fetched back and as Ludwig IV. as king from France one used.

However Hugo 938 , after the death of its second wife Edhild, married daughter of the English king Eduard the older one and sister of king Æthelstan a third time, there both preceding marriages childlesshad remained. Its third wife was Hadwig of Saxonia, daughter of the German king Heinrich I. and sister of the emperor Otto I., a connection, those rapidly to controversy with Ludwig IV. led.

Hugo carried out Otto even the loyalty oath and supported it in its fightagainst Ludwig. When Ludwig 945 the Normannen fell into the hands, it was delivered at Hugo, which released it only on the condition 946 that the fortress Laon was retired to him. On the Universalsynode of Ingelheim 948 Hugo was then condemned under menace of the Exkommunikation,To compensate Ludwig. It lasted however to 950, until the powerful Vasall informed itself with Ludwig and returned Laon. New difficulties led to the fact that finally peace only 953 one closed.

With the death of Ludwig 954 Hugo rejected a third time the crown of France.It recognized Ludwig's son Lothar as its successors on and reached with support of Ludwig's widow Gerberga of Saxonia (the sister of its wife) its coronation/culmination. Into acknowledgment of its services Hugo was inserted by the new king as a duke of Burgund and Aquitanien or confirmed rather, thereHugo both titles already since 922 and/or 938 led. However its campaign, which it undertook 955 , in order to also actually take Aquitanien in possession, was unsuccessful. In the same year Giselbert, duke was verschwägert by Burgund, its Vasall and with it: Hugos eleven-year old sonOdo became with Giselberts daughter Luitgard, which married heiress of the duchy, so that Hugo with death Giselberts to 8. April 956 gentleman over Burgund became actual.

However Hugo the large one died even only two months later. It left five children, all from its thirdBefore, which were old between 10 and 17 years, and thus hardly capable of beginning its inheritance in its entirety. His Mrs. Hadwig took over together with its brother Bruno I., the archbishop of Cologne, the guardianship.

  • Béatrix (* probably 939, † after 987);
  • Hugo Capet(* 941, † 24. October 996), king of France 987;
  • Emma (* around 943, † after 968);
  • Odo (* around 944, † 965), duke of Burgund 956;
  • Heinrich (* around 946, † 1002), duke of Burgund 965


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