Humberto Teixeira

Humberto Teixeira (* 5. January 1915 in Ceará; † 3. October 1979) was a Brazilian musician, composer and a politician

It began already as a child to be interested in the music particularly for the instruments flute and Mandoline.

In the 30's it pulled after Rio de Janeiro with the goal of becoming physician. There it composed and published its music. It gave its medical studies up however, in order to study and for 1943 its conclusion make there jurisprudence.

1945 it met Luiz Gonzaga, the king of the Baião. With him together it composed a number of very well-known and successful music pieces, beginning with the title Baião. Thereupon Qui Nem Jiló, Baião de Dois, Assum Preto and its most popular piece of ASP Branca followed.

1950 were selected Humberto Teixeira to the congressional representative for Ceará and used themselves since then in this function for the spreading of the Brazilian music abroad.


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