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Amerikanischer Hummer (Homarus americanus)
of American lobsters (Homarus americanus)
Class: Crustaceans (Crustaceae)
order: Ten-foot cancers (Decapoda)
subordination: Pleocyemata
partial order: River cancers and lobster (Astacidea)
family: Lobster-well-behaved (Nephropidae)
Kind: Lobsters
scientific name
weber, 1795

the lobsters (Homarus) are a kind from the family of the lobster-well-behaved (Nephropidae) within the ten-foot cancers (Decapoda).

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occurrences and habitat

lobster and lobster-well-behaved are world-wide common, the most well-known species might the American lobster (Homarus americanus) and the European lobster (Homarus gammarus) be. First lives particularly into thatWaters before the North American east coast, the latter in almost all European seas - of the Scandinavian west coast up to the iberischen peninsula and also in the Mediterranean.

Until 1995 also the smaller cape lobster (8-10cm) was ranked among the kind Homarus, afterwards the very rare South African kind of lobster becamein Homarinus capensis renamed.

Likewise among another kind of the lobster-well-behaved rank the Norwegian lobster (emperor garnet), which also as if delicate-eat is estimated, and which Japanese lobsters.

Habitat of the lobsters are in the summer flat territorial waters with usually rocky soil, in the winterhe withdraws himself into waters from up to 50 m depth.


the very long-lived lobsters 9 kilograms become heavy in condition up to 70 cm, fully attained full growth, long and. This is however the exception; usually the animals are smaller than30 cm and weigh about 1 kilogram.

The color varied strongly of a strong blue up to dark violet tones and depends on the color of the rock in its habitat. The flanks of the animals are yellow to brown with darker, often reddish Sprenkeln.

Usuallythe right of the two strong shears is more strongly pronounced, since it serves for the booty catch and as defensive weapon. The left shears serve however only for cutting up the food and are accordingly smaller.


the females only every two years, the amount of that laichenEggs is however enormous: As far as 100.000 pieces the females carry then under their tail part, from whom first the larvae develop, later then the lobsters. The lower the water temperature, the longer lasts the development process.

The animals grow themselves only very slowly and must in addition in regular intervals skins, at first up to nine times per year, later only every two years. With reaching the sex-ripe at the age six years they are usually long and only around the 250 g heavy around 18 cm, females are somewhat more largely.

way of life

lobster are night active and hide themselves during the day in cavities and under stones. They are loners and nourish themselves predominantly of carrion, living fish, shells and other sea inhabitants and to small extent of algae and other sea plants.

Most important Fressfeind, forwardsall younger lobster, is the Kabeljau, in addition, Schellfi, flounders and other lobsters pursue him. The substantial overfishing of the Kabeljaus in 20. Century led to an increase of the lobster population.

lobsters as food


case of lobster

of the lobstersas food is a well-known delicate-eat and therefore am strongly befischt. Usually happens this with traps, which is impossible so-called lobster baskets, into which the animals inside, construction dependently however escaping can arrive. In order to protect the population, no lobsters may in many countriesunder 21 cm length become imprisoned. So it is to be guaranteed that the animals reach the sex-ripe.

Lobster catch, Digby, new facts Scotia, Canada

main catch season are the summer months, if the lobsters are in the flatter territorial waters. The animals are not killed after the catch, but are thatConsumers living reach. In order to have during the whole yearly always fresh lobsters available, the animals are kept imprisoned therefore in crates in the sea, whereby them the shears are tied up, so that they do not hurt themselves mutually. The animals cannot do therefore in this time anythingeat, live however problem-free of their supplies. However magern it in this time off, whereby the quality of the meat suffers.


the lobster populations decrease/go back world-wide rapidly, shows a view of the Swedish catch statistics:

  • in the year 1938: 238.5 tons
  • in the year1947: 211.4 tons
  • in the year 1996: 12.0 tons
  • in the year 2000: 8.0 tons
  • in the year 2001: 6.0 tons

before Helgoland became of the Hummerfischern in the middle of the 1920er-Jahre still approximately 20,000 copies annually imprisoned, today go annually only between 200 and 300 copies into thoseBoxes. For the year of approximately 1000 young animals after-bred by the biological station Helgoland of the institute for Alfred way he in Bremerhaven are exposed to 2001 annually, in North America give it similar programs. The endangerment of the populations decrease/go back primarily to the overfishing and to the water pollution, into thatverangenen years was added however also still the heating up of the North Sea, which leads to one to early slips of the lobsters without sufficient seasonally caused food offer.


Lobster meal

the “catch-fresh” lobsters originates predominantly from the Atlantic before the coast of Canada, rarely comesthe northEuropean kind of lobster (Homarus gammarus) before the coast Helgolands on the table. In the body of dead lobsters forms quite fast poison material, which can lead to food poisonings. For this reason lobsters are cooked with alive body, to itself the before dark-blue Chitinpanzer completely reddiscoloured. Lobsters should be bought therefore only living with the fishmonger. With the withdrawal from the basin the lobster should move still strongly the legs. There is also lobster, which becomes frozen in seawaters cooked and. Such lobster becomes the protection from transport damages and drainage infrozen and in such a way sells to a seawater block.

After cooking the lobster - usually cooled down - is served. The tank of the lobster is still relative to hard and only conditionally the consumption suitably also after cooking. Usually therefore only the meat hidden under it becomesverzehrt. For its art-fair dismantling it requires however special cutlery, like the lobster pliers to approach (thereby the catches of the lobster broken over to the underlying meat) and the needle (with it with table of remainders of the lobster meat from the Chitinpanzer are gepuhlt). Foods of a lobsterand/or the correct handling of cutlery requires much exercise. Lobsters are usually offered in Europe only in the most expensive restaurants; at the east coast of North America, where lobsters are quite frequent in many coast regions, the lobster nearly already ranks against it among the everyday life food.

Lobster is nowadays oneDelicate-eat and accordingly expensively. That was not always like that. They were occasional important basic food. It is delivered that in 18. Century service personnel at the American east coast in one of the first strikes of history implemented that not more frequently than three times in the week lobsteron the food plan to stand may! This shows also, how frequent these animals were, before overfishing and/or contamination of waters let the populations shrink.


some humans and above all animal right organizations such as PeTA designate the method lobster alive to cookas cruel cruelty to animals. According to PeTA the death fight of the animals takes about 3-5 minutes. The disputed cruelty of the usual lobster preparation was doubted by a Norwegian study, which was published in February 2005, however. It meant that lobsters due to its reduced central nervous system not in the situationare to feel pain.

Often it is mentioned that the lobsters were beta-practiced immediately by the throw into simmering water. In addition the water however boiling temperature must have reached and may not not by the addition of several animals be again strongly cooled down.

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