Humor criticism

humor criticism is the critical evaluation of with humor and Komik connected circumstances. Frequently humor criticism appears as a form of art criticism , for example by reviews of books (literature criticism), films (film criticism) and meetings. In addition, involuntary Komik can be submitted of a criticism, why humor criticism is not only limited to culture products. At the same time the humor criticism makes a contribution by classification and comparison to the humor theory.

Humor criticism actual at least in the German linguistic area - not much spreads. It may not be confounded with the bare exchange of opinions over funny. The establishment of a generally accepted humor criticism is made more difficult by the fact that the opinions go far apart over what is amusing every now and then (for example with black humor and satire) and that also no generally recognized humor theory exists.

The most well-known German forum for humor criticism is the column of the same name in the satire magazine Titanic. With the alias „the Hans Mentz “and a photo of Theodor W. Adorno provided column was written several years long mainly by Robert Gernhardt, which is considered as prominent humor critics.

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  • Robert Gernhardt: To laugh what gibt's there? - Criticism of the Komiker, criticism of the critics, criticism of the Komik. Munich, Heyne, 2001 ISBN 3-453-18856-X

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