Humphrey kind of bending

Humphrey kind of bending (1946)

Humphrey DeForest kind of bending (* 25. December 1899 in New York; † 14. January 1957 in Hollywood) was an US-American Filmschauspieler. As an actor steadfast, hardsimmered loner he became one the legendary starthe classical Hollywood.

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first successes

its career beganin the 30's with the representation of Gangsterbossen, Boxern and rogues. he gets 1941 from John Huston the chance to lift a new film type from the cradle: With his representation of the SAM coins/shapes Spade into the trace of the falconit the type of the steadfast loner. The film noir is born. 1942 receive bend kind the entrance into the film classical author to figure - skies: It plays the zynischen owner of nightclub Rick in Casablanca and lends to this character not only lives, but also a romanticExpression, whatever Cineasten today still bewitched. 1945, during the turning work to credit and Nichthaben, meet kind of bending on Lauren Bacall, the woman, whom he in the same year marry and with which he up to the end of his lifetogether-remain becomes.1946 follow dead ones sleep and 1947 the unknown face; both films become success, probably mainly, because the Kinobesucher wanted to see the erotische tension between kind of bending and Bacall on the canvas very closely. 1947 play kind of bendingin Hustons the treasure of the Sierra Madre one of the three unsuccessful Goldsucher.

and admires into the 50ern 1951

plays he establishes his probably most beautiful role, in African Queen: Charlie Alnutt, the no longer young captain of oneRiver launch, which not only with Blutegeln and imperial German troops, but also still with Katharine Hepburn must strike itself. This role brings in the OSCAR for it as best leading actors. it would have received a OSCAR almost again to 1954: with its brilliantRepresentation in Edward Dmytryks of nerve-grinding study the Caine was their fate inspires it the critics. In the same year the barfüssige countess at the side of film goddess Ava Gardner and Sabrina follow. This filming is probably debt that HumphreyKind of bending and Billy of savages afterwards no more film together turned; Kind of bending assures for the role, since one promises it to likewise engage its wife Lauren Bacall. Kind of bending is to the side of Filmnymphe Audrey Hepburn and William Holden and is understandably detuned. In we are not angels finally play it a volatile prisoner beside Peter Ustinov. Already in on one day like every different one kind of bending of its cancer illness is drawn. Its last canvas appearance in Dirty laurel 1956 again gives it the possibility of showing its whole schauspielerisches being able. The sports journalist, who checks up the careless machinations of the box syndicate and against the slidegate valves proceeds, embodied by it, is a worthy, although thoughtfully making conclusion forits film career.

Although kind of bending at esophagus cancer suffered, it rejected it until 1956 to visit a physician.

The last mark, when Katharine Hepburn Humphrey kind of bending with Spencer Tracy saw, described it in such a way: “Spencer tapped it on the shoulder and said: 'PropertyNight, Bogie'. Very slowly kind of bending turned its eyes to Spencer, covered its hand and said with a sweet smile: “Good-bye, Spence”. Spencers heart stood still - he had understood. “

Short after Humphrey kind of bending its 57. Birthday had experienced, fellit into a coma and died to 14. January 1957. With its death it weighed only 36 kg. Its last words were alleged: “I should have never transferred from Scotch to Martini”.


in English-language, z.T. also anderssprachigen circles of Cannabis - since HIPPI times the expression “ton of kind of bending ( A joint) was in-patriated consumer (“Kiffern “)”. Thus the behavior mostly condemned by other Kiffern is meant to keep a Joint to for a long time for itselfnot to pass on and. Allegedly the expression on Humphrey is bend kind characteristic, often as festgewachsen working cigarette in the Mundwinkel to decrease/go back. The expression dips z. B. in the sound TRACK of the film “Easy Rider “on (Fraternity OF one: “Don't kind of bending that joint”).

films (selection)


  • 1944 nominating for thatOSCAR as best leading actors in Casablanca
  • 1952 profit of the Oscars as best leading actors in African Queen
  • 1955 nominating for the OSCAR as best leading actors into the Caine was its fate


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