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Lage des Hunsrücks in Deutschland
situation of the Hunsrücks in Germany
Lage des Hunsrücks in Rheinland-Pfalz und Saarland
situation of the Hunsrücks in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland
Osburger Hochwald
Osburger timber forest
typical Hunsrücklandschaft in Seibersbach
Sulzbacher Kirche mit Stumm´scher Orgel
Sulzbacher church with Stumm´ organ
Ortsansicht von Herrstein
local opinion of gentleman Mr.

the Hunsrück is a part of the Rheini slate mountains in Rhineland-Palatinate (and to small parts also in the Saarland).

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geography the Hunsrück by the central Rhine in the east, the Mosel in the north, the close one in the south and the Saar in the west. A well-known noticing set reads: „Mosel, close ones, Saar and Rhine - include ring the Hunsrück. “

Geographical and due to the mentality of the inhabitants - they by the way call their Hunsrück „dog embossments “- exist very largeSimilarities among the Eifel, the Westerwald and the Taunus - which are likewise ranked to the Rheini slate mountains.

Some the Höhenzüge partially high over 800 m carry own names: the Idarwald, the Soonwald, the Binger forest, that Black forests timber forest and the Osburger timber forest (see also: Nature park Saar Hunsrück). The highest mountain is the inheritance head (818 m) with Thalfang, which is at the same time the highest mountain in the linksrheinischen part of Germany.

Of the climate one says that it rauand is rainy, whereby this judgement serves only one prejudice. The climate is actually by the altitude somewhat coolly and more rauer than the neighbouring Rhine and Moseltäler, but in the all-German comparison probably by far more pleasant and warmer than thatMajority of Germany. Because of the slopes of the Hunsrücks of Germany is not oldest region of cultivation of wine „to Mosel Saar Ruwer in vain “.

Slate was diminished in the Hunsrück into the 1950er years in large quantities. In the meantime Hunsrücker slate is concerning the price however due to South American imported goods no morecompetitive, so that the dismantling was stopped to a large extent. The slate pit in federation brook was transformed to the looking mine. There in the framework by guidance also the tradierten techniques of the slate breaking are demonstrated and - working on; this becomes also in the film stories from the Hunsrückdörfern represented by Edgar Reitz.

In westeastern direction from Saarburg to Koblenz the Hunsrückhöhenstrasse runs. From northwest to southeast pulled once a Roman military route, the Ausoniusstrasse through in such a way specified the low mountain range and connected Trier with being gene.

Historical and newer history

  • 1990 were handed over the cock air haven used militarily by Americans to the civilian administration and constantly developed from then on.


contrary toadjacent Mittelmosel as picture-book-routistic prime example, is routistic far less opened and still to a large extent unaffected the Hunsrück, which (still) constitutes its special charm.

One nevertheless finds numerous overnight accomodation offers and food restaurants as well as possibilities of the leisure activities. Besides beginnings are to in recent timeroutistic marketing of the films homeland and homeland 3 of Edgar Reitz available.

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