Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter stick clay/tone Thompson (* 18. July 1937 in Louisville/Kentucky; † 20. February 2005 in Woody Creek with Aspen/Colorado) was US - American writer and report - a journalist.

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Hunter S. Thompson was beside Tom wolf a most well-known representative of the new Journalism, a form, which animated the journalism again starting from center of the 1960er years, by subjective experiencing and literary style means into reports flowingleft.

Thompson began end of the 1950er years as a sport reporter and was then as South America correspondent among other things for “national the Observer “in Peru, Colombia and Brazil on the way. It became 1967 admits by its book Hell's Angels - A strand and Terrible Saga (dt. Hells Angels). As the first it employed therein with motorcycle course of California and lived themselves in addition one year long with the Hells Angels.

End of the 1960er years was it one of the first authors of the new magazine Rolling Stone. Thompsons of eccentric and out-curving life howWrite style was one of the reasons for the success of the Rolling Stone. In this time Thompson its completely personal form, that by it created itself Gonzo journalism so mentioned. Also its most well-known book, Fear and Loathing developed in read Vegas (dt. Title fear andFright in read Vegas, literally fear and abhorrence in read Vegas). This book, like also a set of others, became of Thompsons friend, who Englishman illustrates Ralph Steadman.

Into the 1970er years turned Thompson strengthens the policy too. he stood as a candidate to 1970 asSheriff in Aspen, Colorado. Thompson lost the choice only scarcely, although he was supported by a “Freak platform” and its electioneering program for the time at that time radical demands contained, among other things the legalization of drugs, the transformation of all roads to cycle tracks, and renaming of Aspenin “Fat town center”. Before a choice speech it could a Glatze be sheared, in order to then call its republican rival candidate “langhaarigen Hippie ”.

it reported 1972 for the Rolling Stone on the presidency election fight, whereby it itself closely to the camp of the democratic candidate George McGovernbound. Thompson wrote in detail over the Watergate - scandal and supported with the following presidency election promptly at that time still the unknown Jimmy Carter, with which he led himself made friends, and with which he some very personal interviews. As foreign correspondent Thompson reported to that also of the invasionUS-marine 1983 in Grenada. It lived up to its death in close proximity to Aspen in the Rocky Mountains and fought with journalistic means against the Bush government.

Thompson maintained and. A. Friendships with Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon and Johnny Depp, which by it “the Duke” was only called.

To 20. February 2005 killed itself Hunter S. Thompson at its desk in Woody Creek with a shot in the head. According to statement of its son Juan Thompson the writer had for a long time planned and had often announced his Suizid. It hasout of despair acted, but to the correct time transfers do not want. Thompsons letztem Willen gemäß wurde auf seinem Grundstück in Woody Creek, der sogenanntenOwl Farm, ein 153 Fuß (46,6 m) hohes steinernes Monument in Form der Gonzo Fist errichtet. It was sketched of Ralph Steadman after instructions of Hunter S. Thompson. The Gonzo Fist is contained in the Gonzo symbol, forms the top, on it following the signature Gonzo, downward with a zweischneidigen blade locking. The Gonzo Fist is a hand with two, clenched to the fist, afterthumbs inside showing, which a Peyote - Kaktee hold.

Into this Monument also a cannon was integrated, from the Thompsons ash with a funeral service to 20. August 2005 into air was shot. Had financed this project friends of the deceased, and. A. Johnny Depp, thatthe role of Thompson in the film Fear and Loathing in read Vegas had played. It was allowed to ignite also the cannon.

As a veteran of US air Force Thompson requirement on one of the US Government has financed gravestone, on which its widow its foreign exchange “It got more neverweird enough for ME " in chisels to leave wants.

Seven months after the Suizid Hunter S. Thompsons published the US magazine “Rolling Stone” the farewell letter to its wife. Under the heading “football Season is more over” (“the football season is past”) wrote four days before its free death to Thompson: “NonePlays more. No more bombs. No more running. No more fun. No more swimming. 67. That is 17 years after 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boringly. I am only gehässig. No fun - for nobody. 67. You become greedy. Take you awayyour high age accordingly. Entspann' you - this will not pain-do. “


Thompson created the Gonzo journalism, a write style, for from his view the talent “of a indeed large journalist, the eye of an artist and a photographer and the eggs of an actor” fusehad. Material experiences, social and political analyses with fictitious events, Polemik and drug visions are to mix. Thompson and its write style became by its books Hell's Angels (1966), in which it its relationship with the motorcycle course which was afraid at that time described, as well as fear and frightin Vegas ( 1971) read, in which it around the hunt to the American dream went, internationally well-known.

Fear and Loathing in read Vegas became 1998 of Terry Gilliam (Time Bandits, Brasil, Twelve Monkeys) with Johnny Depp and Benicio DelToro films. The filming of the book The Rum Diary, again with Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro in the main roles, should already go 2003 into production. After various delays one could unite, the film is in production and is 2006 to be finished. Againstoriginal planning Benicio Del Toro will not lead direction. As a director Bruce Robinson took over the film, Johnny Depp as an implementing producer will function. Beside Depp and Del Toro will Josh hardnicely and nod Nolte to be seen to have.

The press agency APA announced to 9.March 2006 that in August this yearly a documentary film over Thompson is to be finished. Johnny Depp and Sean Penn are involved in the production, which is to appear to Buy under the title the ticket, take the Ride.


  • Hell's Angels. A strand andTerrible Saga OF the Outlaw Motorcycle of course (1967)
  • Fear and Loathing in read Vegas (1971)
  • Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72 (1973)
  • The Curse OF Lono (1984)
  • generation OF Swine: Valley OF is ashamed of and degradation into the 80s (1989)
  • Songs OF the Doomed:More Notes on the Death OF the American Dream (1990)
  • The Great Shark Hunt: Strand of valley from A strand Time (1991)
  • Better than Sex (1995)
  • The Proud Highway: Saga OF A Desperate Southern Gentleman (1998)
  • The Rum Diary. A Novel (1999; written 1959)
  • TheFear and Loathing Letters (selected letters in three volumes, 2000)
  • Screwjack. A Short story (2000)
  • Kingdom OF Fear: Loathsome Secrets OF A star Crossed Child into the finally Days OF the American Century (2003)
  • Hey carrot: Blood sport, the Bush Doctrine and the Downward spiral OFDumbness (2004)


the literature

  • Douglas Brinkley (Hrsg.): Fear and loathing inAmerica: the brutally odyssey OF on outlaw journalist, 1968-1976. Bloomsbury, London 2000, ISBN 0747549648
  • Paul Perry: Fear and abhorrence. The sayful life of the Hunter S. Thompson. Bitter man 2005, ISBN 3893200894

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