IBM PC XT (type 5160) or simply XT (for e X tended T echnology), presented to 8. March 1983, is a slight advancement IBM PC. Both devices, PC and PC XT, are often summarized under the contraction PC/XT and differentiated in such a way by the technically clearly changed successor IBM PC RK.


it possesses a non removable disk (MFM ) with a capacity of 10 MT, a accordingly larger power pack, a ST-506-kompatiblen hard disk controller contrary to the original PC, as well as more card locations for main memories and XT-bus - extension cards on the motherboard. In addition he was delivered with the newer PC DOS 2,0.


were XT-variants of the moreover one the XT than IBM 3270 PC with hardware for the emulation of a terminal of the type IBM 3270.

IBM PC/370 the emulation of older IBM Mainframe of the row System/370 made possible by aufwändige auxiliary hardware, which made a “computer available in the computer .

A later model - the XT 286 of 2. September 1986 (type 5162) - Intel possesses 80286 in place of 8088 , and represents so a favorable alternative to the successor IBM PC RK as CCU , which however already 1984 appeared. Although the 80286 contrary to the RK with only 6 MHz was clocked instead of of 8 MHz, it achieved a higher speed by the faster main memory, since the CCU did not have to wait for the memory. It possessed also the RK floppy disk drive (5,25 " with 1.2 MT in half overall height).

IBM manufactured outer-grounds the electromagnetic reflection (ElectroMagnetically Resistant) XT for military and diplomatic operational areas. It was secured by careful screen measures against “hearing” the electromagnetic radiation after American TEMPEST - standard.

add-on unit

the PCs XT and XT 286 could be increased with the expansion unit Model 002 (add-on unit) around an identical housing with place for additional drive assemblies and extension cards. In addition into the XT a map with driver components was put, which connected the bus of the XT with that to the add-on unit by a cable. For the original PC there was the same option.


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