the IUCN - The World Conservation union (IUCN stands for U for I nternational nion for C onservation OF N ature and Natural Resources), German: World nature protection union, is an international organization, whose task is the co-ordination of the world-wide nature protection. Admits is it throughthe publication of the red list of endangered kinds.

The IUCN was created 1948. Their head office is in Gland in Switzerland. Besides it maintains addresses in 62 countries. The organization has about 1,000 members (conditions 2005): 82 states (under it all States of that European Union, the USA, Russia and the People's Republic of China) in addition 111 government organizations as well as more than 800 non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The IUCN accomplishes every ten years the World park Congress , with which strategies are specified for the protection of nature in national park. Found lastthe World park Congress in September 2003 in the South African Durban instead of. Every four years meet the members to a general assembly (World Conservation Congress), last in November 2004 in Bangkok (Thailand).

Since 1963 lead the IUCN the international red one list of endangered kinds, which endangered, threatenedand become extinct animals and plants specifies. The IUCN knows the following endangerment stages:

  • Extinct (become extinct)
  • Extinct into the game (become extinct in free game course)
  • Critically Endangered (strongly threatened)
  • Endangered (threatened)
  • Vulnerable (endangered)
  • Near Threatened (small endangered)
  • leases Concern (not endangered)
  • DATA Deficient (no sufficient data)
  • Emergency Evaluated (not classified)

all birds and nearly all mammals were assigned to one of the first eight status, during this so far with only 3400 (of over 1 million described) kinds of eddyless animals happened. Momentarily 3524 has one of the first five status (endangered, threatens or become extinct) Vertebrate animals, 1959 eddy lots of animals and 6774 plants. Altogether (conditions 2004) 15,589 animal and plant types are considered as of becoming extinct threatened.

The IUCN has more than 1000 members. The largest part are national and international non-governmental organizations, in addition, national authorities and states aswhole.


was created the “World Conservation union” as “internationally union for the Protection OF Nature” (IUPN) after an international conference in the French Fontainebleau. The organization received their current name in the year 1956.

The use of the name “World Conservation union” beganin the 90's 20. Century, but many use also further the well-known complete name as well as the abbreviation.

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