Ian Watt

of Ian Watts (* 9. March 1917 in Windermere; † 13. December 1999 in Menlo park), was a literary critic and a literature historian.

Ian Watt went to Boys to the school to Dover County School for and at the pc. John's college in Cambridge. 1939, thus with 22 years, he joined the British army and served as an infantry second lieutenant, until he was arrested in January 1942 in Singapore of the Japanese arms; it was considered to keel Kiel as “MISSING, presumed in action”; 1946 it returned to England and left the army.

it attained a doctorate to 1947 in Cambridge and became 1952 the assisting professor at the University OF California, Berkeley, where it taught approximately ten years long Anglistik. Besides it taught Columbia also at the University OF British un at the University OF East Anglia in Norwich.

1964 it was appointed as a professor for English literature to the Stanford University, where it taught up to its retirement.

Watt was married with Ruth Mellinkoff Watt, with which it had a son (George Watt) and a daughter (Josephine Reed).


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