Iberi peninsula

Lage der Iberischen Halbinsel in Europa (Das Festland der rot markierten Staaten liegt auf der Iberischen Halbinsel.)
situation of the Iberi peninsula in Europe (the mainland of the red marked states lies on the Iberi peninsula.)

the Iberi peninsula (or Pyrenees peninsula) is southwest the part of Europe of the Pyreneeses. Spain and Portugal are the two today's stateson the peninsula. The Principality of Andorra is in the northeast, because of the border to France. Gibraltar at the south point is a British crowning colony.

The Iberi peninsula attributes its name to people - or master's group of the Iberer, thosethere in the antique one lived. The Ebro (Latin Iberus) flows from the north into the Mediterranean. Iberia was also the Greek designation of this area.

In latin the region Hispania was called, about which España and Spain are derived.The Roman province Lusitania in the southwest of the peninsula seized the largest part of today's Portugal as well as parts of Extremadura. Lusitania therefore to latin name of Portugal, eingedeutscht Lusitanien.

In the early Middle Ages large parts of the Iberi peninsula were Islamic andcoined/shaped by the mixture the iberische culture in lasting way.


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