Ibrahim Abouleish

Ibrahim Abouleish (* 23. March 1937 in Mashtul) is an Egyptian chemist and development aid.

Abouleish studied technical chemistry in Graz starting from 1956. 1960 he married the Grazerin Gudrun Erdinger, the two has two children (Helmy * 1961, Mona * 1963). Abouleish attained a doctorate 1969 in pharmacology and worked afterwards in prominent positions in the medicament research. During Egypt - attendance 1977 the problems of the country (education state of emergency, population of over, environmental pollution) oppressed it. It still returned in the same year to its homeland and created the Entwicklungsintiative SEKEM to 70 hectares of desert northeast from Cairo.

SEKEM (old-Egyptian hieroglyphic: “sunful vitality”) today market leader is with organic products and vegetable cures. SEKEM forces the country-wide employment of biological-dynamic cultivation methods with a environmentalcompatible Schädlingsbekämpfung, in particular with the cultivation of cotton. SEKEM operates schools, work and educating programs, a medical center and an academy for applied art and sciences.

1984 created Abouleish the “Egyptian society for the promotion of the cultural development”.

For SEKEM today 2 ' 000 humans work.

2003 received Ibrahim Abouleish for the development of a business model for 21. Century, in economic success into the social and cultural development the society is integrated and this by the “economy of the love” promotes the alternatives Nobelpreis.

“In particular me the biological-dynamic agriculture, those fascinated from the Anthroposophie developed was and with which one in Europe already since beginning 20. Century successfully worked. By it, then I was safe, the agricultural situation in Egypt be crucially improved could. “



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