IDA Friederike Görres

IDA Friederike Görres (* 2. December 1901 on lock Ronsperg/Böhmen; † 15. May 1971 Frankfurt/Main)

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familyand personal record

IDA Friederike Görres (birth name: Elizabeth Friederike, realm countess Coudenhove Kalergi) was the sixth child of the k. and. k. Realm count and diplomat Heinrich Coudenhove Kalergi and his Japanese Mrs. Mitsu Aoyama, sister of the founder of the Paneuropa union smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Nikolaus count von Coudenhove Kalergi.

Görres was 18 months Novizin with “English Ms “, afterwards belonged it to the guidance circle of the Quickborn (based 1909). It completed the social women's school in Freiburg in mash gau and studied history and church history. 1928 went it asYouth secretary for Mädchenseelsorge to Dresden and worked there at the catholic education work. Since 1935 it was married with Carl Josef Görres in Leipzig.

literary work

you strives [...] for a modern, to the old faith property bound,but on breaking through klerikaler and traditional patterns considered catholicism. (Brockhaus encyclopedia volume 7 Wiesbaden 1969: 484)


  • of discussions about the holyness. A dialogue around Elizabeth of Thuringia (1931)
  • of the load of God (1932)
  • the large play that Maria Ward (1932)
  • Germanic holyness (1934, over Radegundis and Heinrich of Seuse)
  • of the two towers (1934)
  • the sevenfold escape of the Radegundis (1937)
  • other load (1940, defend the next love in relation to the arrogances of the national Wohlfahrtspflege of the Nazi regime)
  • Johanna (1943)
  • the hidden face (1944, over Therese of Lisieux)
  • the treasure hidden by the homelessness
  • (1945) letter over the church
  • ( 1946 ) of marriage and isolation
  • (1949) (1949, poems)
  • the bride Alexis (1949, girl book)
  • NOC doing gymnastics (1949, diary 1937-1947)
  • The real church (1950)
  • from the world of the holy ones (1955)

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