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IDA wild (* 10. October 1884 in Frankfurt/Main, † 4. November 1958 in Berlin) is an actress, whose career high lay in and the 30's 20's with the universe film AG (Ufa).

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lives & career

over IDA of mass childhood nothing is well-known.

Early wild discovers the world of the theatre for itself. After attendance of the Lyzeum in Frankfurt/Main wildly play instruction takes sounding hammer with Thessa, and already receives at the age from 16 years its first commitment at the city theatre from Colmar, which further working in bromine mountain, and starting from 1904 in Leipzig follow. 1907 become it member of the ensemble of the Lessing - among other things theatre in Berlin, where she in trousers roles and comedies are promoted to in demand Darstellerin, and in the citizens of Berlin first performance of the piece of chamber music of Heinrich Ilgenstein of successes it celebrates.

Over the play wild becomes acquainted with its play colleague and later married man Bruno Kastner , with which starting from 1919 film scripts writes, and whose wife remains it until 1927.

Their first large Filmrolle plays IDA wild 1922/23 in the fourth-hasty silent movie tragedy of the love 1 - 4, after which several further silent movies follow. Also in the Tonfilm wild - differently than many of its silent movie colleagues - can celebrate further large successes, which bring it into the 1930ern the pointed name “the wild IDA”. Over all the years it also the theatre remains faithful, where their stage successes of their career lent further lift.

The Second World War brings a break-down in mass career. During the war years it plays few roles in film and theatre only only, and 1945 seem to have come the career end.

1946 are rejected mass request for Entnazifizierung, since she is to have denunziert during the LV regime actor colleague such as Eduard von Winterstein with the Gestapo. Only 1949 are classified IDA wild as relieved, whereupon she plays rüstige ladies, in the 50's in some films grandmothers, and plotter inside. Also to the theatre IDA wild returns, belongs however no more ensemble.

In its career IDA wild at the side all large star of their time stands. It turns the Comedian Harmonists, Hans Albers, Peter Lorre, Paul Henckels, Käthe Dorsch, Hans Moser, Hedy Lamarr, Paul Kemp, Theo Lingen, and many more with Heinz resting man.

In November 1958 dies IDA wild at the consequences of an impact accumulation, which accompanies with a pneumonia.


as a film script authoress

1919 only one servant
1920 the king of of Paris part of 1 & 2

as an actress:

1923/24 tragedy of the love part of 1 - 4
1924 the doll queen
1925 chamber music
1925 O old Burschenherrlichkeit
1925 the exchanged bride
1925 the road of forgetting
1926 the queen of the world bath
1926 the third Eskadron
1926 single daughters
1927 the bridegrooms of the Babette
1927 the marriage nest
1927 under exclusion of the public
1927 homesickness
1927 Venus in the Frack
1927 in the Pullman train
1927 Feme
1927 my friend Harry
1927 the last tome
1927 queen Luise
1927 the begging student
1928 the case of the public prosecutor M…
1928 the queen of its heart
1928 large city youth
1928 the robbery of the Sabinerinnen
1928 Mr. Meister and Mrs. Meisterin
1929 the burning heart
1929 father and son
1929 diary of a Kokotte
1929 Ms Fähnrich
1929 madame X, the woman for discrete consultation
1929 between fourteen and seventeen
1929 calm home with kitchen use
1929 the caviar princess
The night belongs to 1929 to us
1930 the tome king
1930 the Lindenwirtin
1930 a Burschenlied from Heidelberg
1930 three days central detention
1930 the company marries
1930 the Scikosbaroness
1930 the keusche Joseph
1930 support beer celebration
1930 the old song
1930 name marriage
1930 two different moral
1930 the Marquise of Pompadour
1931 one do not need money
1931 if the soldiers…
1931 the mute one the Paradies
lost by Portici 1931
1931 Elizabeth of Austria
1931 bombs on Monte Carlo
1931 my Leopold
1931 the tapered Adolar
1931 contactor celebration in Schilda
1931 Hurrah - a boy!
1931 beautiful are the maneuver time
1931 two sky-blue eyes
1931 the night without break
1931 to instruction, Mr. Unteroffizier
1932 the winner
1932 it were once a tome
1932 Peter Voss, the million-thief
1932 melody of the love
1932 from a small residence
1932 the song of one night
1932 ball house of golden angels
1932 two lucky days
1932, faithfully are the soldier love
1932 the beautiful adventure
1932 the will of the Cornelius gulden
of 1932 tenants Schulze against all
1932 like sag' ich's my man?
1932 Friederike
1932 I at day and you at night
1932 such a girl one does not forget
no day without you to 1933
1933 a song for you
1933 child, I freu' me on your coming
1933 small man - which now?
1933 laughing inheriting
1933 refugees
1933 Ms Hoffmanns narrations
1933 the bet
1933 the Zarewitsch
1933 of the young Dessauers large love
1934 once a large lady its
1934 Annette in the Paradies
1934 Charleys aunt
1934 spring fairy tales
1934 make you happy the life
1934 the Czardasfürstin
1934 the bold float
1934 virgin against monk
1934 the love and the first railway
1935 why lie Ms Käthe?
1935 the blond Carmen
1935 Liselotte of the Pfalz
1935 Kater lamp
If the music does not turn 1935 the whole
world wär' 1935 a navigation
, those is merrily 1935 autumn maneuvers around
love 1935
1935 one night at the Danube
1936 the merry women
1936 Kater lamp
1936 the begging student
1936 night watch in the Paradies
1936 a wedding dream
1936 the merry widow ball
1937 Heiratsinstitut IDA & cost.
1937 Hussars, out
1937 Fremdenheim Filoda
1937 if you a mother-in-law have
1937 the beaver fur
1937/38 the stars shine
1938 Diskretion - honour thing
1938 the embarrassment child
1938 small district court
1939 red mill
1939 the intelligent mother-in-law
1939 two worlds
1940 the imperfect love
1940 desire concert
1941 its son
1941 main thing lucky
1943 loved treasure
1943 the two sisters
1944 the law of the love
1945 the brothers Noltenius
1950 if men tell lies
1950 it began around midnight
1950 EH in the Frack
1951 homeland, your stars
1951 the Jagerloisl of the Tegernsee
1952 I wait for you
1953 aunt Jutta from Calcutta
1953 the sweetest fruits
1954 sun over the Adria
1955 bar ring
1955 the lady of the Sölderhof
1956 red poppy


1914 chamber music (Lessing theatre, Berlin)
1927 three poor small girls (theatres at the Nollendorfplatz, Berlin)
1940 the men is not grateful (to Kabarett Simpl, Vienna)

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